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Dispute resolution - Coursework Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Many people solve problems that affect them using their own understandings and experiences. Most of them use methods they had used at a particular time in their lives while others use methods they know they will bring favor to their side…
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Dispute resolution
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Download file to see previous pages Before I joined this class, I used to solve problems that affect me in different ways that I thought were right for me. I ensured that every decision I made was going to favor my life. I believed that everything I do was right and no one had the right to oppose it. This changed when I joined this class where I learnt many ways of solving problems and conflicts using fair and just methods. Much of the class discussions have helped so much in the way I related with everyone in my society especially my family members. I have found out that, some of the methods that I used in conflict resolution were wrong and needed some corrections. I have used the methods I learnt in this class so solve many situations in my life and most of these methods are working very well, thanks to the class discussions we have been having for this semester. I can testify that this class has helped me improve on my mediation skills, apologizing and the way I respond to other people’s views. Acting as a mediator between two conflicting groups or people has always been hard to me. I experienced this weakness when my best friend was broking up with his girlfriend. I was in my best friend’s room chatting after a long day of lectures. He told me that his girlfriend told him that they had something to discuss, and she was coming to his room. I asked him if it was something private so that I can give them space but he said that there, it was not a big deal if I stay. The girlfriend came and by the look of their faces, these people wanted to talk in private but they feared to tell me. I kept myself busy with a comedy movie I was watching. Their only option for them was to walk outside and sort there issues there. I did not create any attention to what was going on between them but was forced to know the problem when the girlfriend ran into the room with frightened face. That became the end of the movie in climax. As a friend, I had to intervene as quickly as possible since things were happening very fast. I acted as a mediator between them and with my little knowledge, I asked to know what might have happened but each one was pointing on the other. The boy was very close to me so I took him aside and asked him what the matter was. He told me told me that his girlfriend just wanted a break. This made him angry since there was no reason for the break up. His reaction showed that he could even beat the girl in case I was not there. I asked him what he was going to do about it and he said that he wanted the girl out of his sight. I trusted him and believed that he was doing the right. I made the girl to leave because her presence was going to bring much destruction. I did not listen to the other part of the story from the girlfriend. Failing to listen to the reasons from the girlfriend was something that made my mediation to bare no fruits. This is because I believed in the boy as friend and I had to favor him in any decision he made. Many other factors made me not to listen to the girl. I believed that most girls give unrealistic reasons every time they want to break up with their boyfriends. The main reason for my conclusion was that I was what I have heard from other boys. I did know what it takes to be in a relationship. I advised my friend not to talk to the girl for some time. His girlfriend knew me as his best friend and called me several times requesting me to go to her place. She said she had something to tell me. I decided not to go there before telling my friend. I told him her request but his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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