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Selected Issues in Japanese studies - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The Japanese Claim to Homogeneity is a Myth that Ignores the Existence of Marginalized Minorities The Japanese society has been holding onto the belief that their society is homogenous for quite some time now. A homogenous society is one that has almost 99% of the people belonging to the same culture, speaking the same language and of the same ethnicity…
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Selected Issues in Japanese studies
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Download file to see previous pages Over time, the society has lived in ignorance of the minority groups and regarding itself as homogenous. However, the reality of the matter is that Japan is no longer homogenous and the society has to drop the homogeneity myth and recognize the presence of minority groups. For a long time, Japan did not experience the increasing influx of international immigration despite the fact that it marked an increased rate of industrialization. During this period, the Japanese population belonged to the same culture and religion (Lie, 2004:27). There was a great range of uniformity in society. Society held similar values and this explains why the nation prides in the homogeneity because it enjoyed a level of national unity. However, the world is becoming a global village and all societies are turning highly heterogeneous. Japan is no exceptional. The problem with Japan is the fact that it has not come into full acceptance of the changing national status. They still pride in homogeneity that is evidently a myth that does take into accord the minority groups in Japan. The minority groups belong to different races and cultures. The Japanese society tries its best to maintain the homogeneity that it has enjoyed over time. In the recent past, it has been trying to assimilate the minority groups to its culture and beliefs. ...
Different authors have written on the homogeneity issue in Japan. These authors have sought to highlight the current state of the Japanese society. Some authors have delved deep into the issue and exposed the implications of the homogeneity myth. Other writings still paint the picture of an existing homogeneous society. Some analysts have described this myth as depicting the imagined community but not the reality. It is crucial, to analyze the views of different authors on the issue and address the situation as it is and establish whether Japan is truly turning heterogeneous. Homogeneous societies are very rare in the world and the term is often used to describe the Japanese, Chinese and some African societies. An analysis of the Japanese identity is critical in understanding the homogeneity issue. Understanding of the Nihonjiron beliefs contributes greatly in unraveling the homogeneity myth. Nihonjoron has several assumptions that define the Japanese identity. One of the assumptions claims that people speaking the Japanese language and practicing the culture have a Japanese descent genetically. Therefore, this implies that the identity depends on genetics. The Nihonjoron has many cultural stipulations regarding the Japanese people. After the Second World War, the Japanese society was in a state of confusion. The colonial government had destroyed their previous identity. The war had immense effects on the Japanese society. The worst effects resulted from the atomic bombing that devastated the people and wounded the nation. The people were searching for an identity after all that had happened. There was an increased level of national cohesion in a bid to rebuild Japan. The people needed to define their national identity and culture. There were limited options ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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