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The Turner Diaries: History and Influence - Essay Example

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The Turner Diaries is a very influential book among the domestic right wing terrorists and groups. Its author, William Pierce, national and international popularity can be greatly attributed to the book…
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The Turner Diaries: History and Influence
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Download file to see previous pages The Turner Diaries is a very influential book among the domestic right wing terrorists and groups. Its author, William Pierce, national and international popularity can be greatly attributed to the book. Such influence is so big should not be ignored at any given time by the all the stakeholders for the sake of national and international peace and security. The Turner Diaries: History and Influence Introduction It is agreeable that the book “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce had and still has a significant influence on the far- right extremists and organization. In order to understand the content of the book and its influence in sections of society, this paper will discuss the history of the author, review of the book, and the influence of the book on domestic right wing terrorists and groups. A History of the Author William Pierce was the leader of National Alliance, A West Virginia- based neo-Nazi group. Under the pseudonym of Andrew Macdonald, he wrote the book “The Turner Diaries”- a anti-Semitic and racist fantasy novel. Pierce was born in 11 September, 1933 and he died on 23 July, 2002. He was a native of Atlanta, Georgia and was actively involved in extremist movement from the 1960s. During his schooling years, Pierce performed well; he eventually earned a scholarship to study physics in Rice University. He graduated with a bachelor degree in physics in 1955. In 1962, he earned his PhD in physics from the University of Colorado. Prior to becoming involved with Nazi groups in the 1960s, he worked in industry as well as being an instructor at Oregon State University (Martin, 2002). It should be noted that during his time as an instructor in Oregon State University, he had joined a far-right political organization, The John Birch Society. Also, it is during his time as an instructor that two major social movements rose; the Vietnam anti-war movement and the civil rights movement. To Pierce, the rise of civil rights movement threatened the white race, and that Vietnam anti- war movement was led by Jews and was communist- inspired. His decision to join the neo- Nazi movement was greatly inspired by the desire to “preserve” the white race which was under threat, and to suppress any communist-inspired movement from being influential in the United States. He became the an associate in the American Nazi Party in 1966, but he left the party in 1970 to take control of the National Youth Alliance which was later in 1974 became known as the National Alliance. It should be noted that before forming the National Alliance, Pierce had engaged in a bitter power struggle with Willis Carto (the founder of the National Youth Alliance). Therefore, the National Alliance was a splinter group of the National Youth Alliance (Martin, 2002). He intended the National Alliance to be a political precursor that would eventually lead to the preservation of the integrity of white race. In order to achieve his goals, Pierce initiated a number of political projects that were geared towards the preservation of white race. These projects included: the American Dissident Voices which was a weekly broadcast, National Vangaurd Books, and the National Alliance. Along with those was the founding of Cosmotheist Community Church that he considered critical in his bid to preserve the white race (Martin, 2002). Publication of the Turner Diaries is cited by many people as to have contributed to his popularity in the late 1970s and subsequent years. The book was first published in 1978; William Pierce wrote the book under the pseudonym of Andrew Macdonald. The book which portrays the overthrowing of the Federal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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