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Criminology in relation to violence in protests - Essay Example

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The researcher of this paper takes a glance at the criminology in relation to violence in protests. The various theories of criminology show the value of criminology in comprehending the issue of protests, whether violent or non-violent. …
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Criminology in relation to violence in protests
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the definition of criminology as the study of the characteristics, amount or rather extent and the factors that induce harsh behaviors in a community or a certain individual. The field of criminology is one that extends to large boundaries and receives credit and acclamation from professionals in different fields ranging from psychologists to branches of law such as law enforcement. Moreover, the field sociology and behavioral sciences is one that is very effective in ensuring that the concepts and issues brought up in criminology are in a civil and more conventional manner. The identification of a crime and the resolution relies on many procedures and quantitative methods of decree are into optimum use. Criminology often relates to violence found in protests. Violence is a term that describes the application of physical force towards a certain group of people, oneself or even a specific person with the intent of inducing harm. Without consideration of the consequence, the carrying out of the act itself is violence. One of the common natural characteristics or rather activities carried out by people is demonstrating. Protests have been part of the human race since time immemorial when people were fighting for civil rights on up to the 21st century. There are very many types of protests. There are those protests that are peaceful and involve just the carrying of banners in opposition of several arguments. However, there are those protests that involve violence, carrying plank cards and looting. The first form of protests is acceptable to society. However, the second form of protests is ill advised by the society and the law. This is because it may involve hurting people. In understanding the concept of violent activities in protests, criminology is one of the factors considered. Breaking down the basic concepts of criminology and comparing them to the violence observed in protests, there is better comprehension of the notion. The first characteristic of criminology is to understand the nature of the subject. In this case, the nature of the subjects involved is anger. Protests take place due to the misunderstanding between people and the authorities. Protests are important as they draw the attention of the authorities at a maximized level. A proper example of this anger is in the riots experienced in the United Kingdom in 2011. Protests assist in the understanding and the drawing of attention of the authorities to a certain issue in society. However, rather than pure demonstration, some protests are negatively influenced. The nature of people involved in protests is that of anger. The anger is the one that exceeds the controlled level and ends up resulting to more harm than good. This is because anger proceeds to form violence. Violence reveals itself when law enforcers try to stop the activities of the protestors. Upon doing this, the mob gets angry and pick up weapons of attack such as bats and stones to attack the police (Lee, 2011, 114). The police employed force while dealing with the angry protestors in the streets of London. It is important to understand that the violence does not only lie on the side of protestors alone. It is also proper to mention the violence witnessed on the side of the law enforcing officers when it comes to the control of protests. Law enforcing officers have the job description of calming any types of violence. In the event of protests, they also change their natural calm nature. They also have to turn violent at some point and show utter brutality to the protestors upon noting that they will not calm down. This is important as it instills fear in the protestors and ensures that they calm down a notch. The anger showed by the officers is justified as the result justifies the means. However, the officers are advised not to use the advantage that they bear for their own interests. This advantage is only applicable in trying to cool down the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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