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This research aims to evaluate and present the relationship of social change and modernization. Modernity manifests itself in many ways, in the united states. Modernity takes the form of a class society. This is a capitalist society that has very pronounced social stratification…
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Social change and modernizations
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that modernization, which is an expanding capitalist economy, is marked by inequality. The increase in scale of social life in modern times has resulted from growth and the greed unleashed by capitalism. A capitalist’s economy gets great profits, thus increase of production and consumption. Capitalism mainly focuses on self-interest. This leads to weakening of the social ties that once tied the small communities. It treats people as a source of labor and market for the capitalist’s products. Capitalism greatly supports science as a key to very great productivity and an ideology to support the status quo. Modernity makes people view the total well being of an individual as a puzzle that only scientists and engineers can solve. Capitalists have reached big sizes and control the wealth because of global expansion. Modernity is also expressed by persistence of inequality. In the United States, capitalists exist as millionaires instead of noble people born to wealth and power. For example, there is no existence of a hereditary monarchy, but the richest 5% of the U.S population controls the 60% of privately held property. However, much the state fights to increase equality, it only gets reforms because the real power lies in the hands of the capitalists. The extent to which the minorities and working people in the United States enjoy their rights and a high standard of living today is not because of governmental will, but political struggle (Brugger, 1999). Modernity in the United States today has freed people from small communities of the olden days thus; individuals of the modern society have their privacy and freedom to express their individuality. Today the Amish and Mennonite still teach people how to behave and think. Mass societies are diverse and changing rapidly. As a result, people shuttle from one identity to another making them change their lifestyles often. Modernization brings changes in social character. The preindustrial societies promote traditional directedness. The modern societies have conformity. The members of modern societies view traditional society’s personality as deviant because it is so rigid. They prize personal flexibility. In the societies today, people look at others for approval. The society urges people to be their true self’s, but when the social surroundings change they change too (Macionis, 2011). Modernization also causes problems of powerlessness. The persistence of modernity does not allow individual freedom. It serves great privilege for some, but for many everyday lives is coping with economic uncertainty. There arises a problem in racial and ethnic minorities being at a disadvantage. For example, even though women participate in modern societies, they run up against traditional barriers of sexism. The modern society denies a majority of people freedom to participate in social life. Modernization has placed the world in influence of multinational corporations. People in poor nations seek power to shape their lives. There is widespread of powerlessness. Technological advances reduce people’s control over their own lives. People suffer due to the high concentration of power and health in to the privileged few by modern society (Macionis, 2011). Modernity is likely to, or not continues in the United States. This is likely to happen because people expect and applaud social change and at the same time view it as a disadvantage. Modernity is a continuous improvement and not stagnation. People tend to see traditional culture as backward, and change as a blessing and they appreciate it. On the other hand, social change is very complex and one cannot equate it with progress. Rise in living standards has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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