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The self determination theory - Term Paper Example

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This research begins with the statement that while the self determination theory may be attributed the prevalence of female teachers as opposed male teacher, there may also factors that cause this under the theory of motivation a met-analysis of mini theories under self teacher motivation to work. …
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The self determination theory
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research one of the main outstanding features about the results of the study is the fact that the most of the data produced marked skewness. For example, the years of experience were much skewed. Firstly, the number of years any respondent has been in the loop, indicated that most of the respondents (36.2%) indicated they have less than 15 years in the service. 43.6% indicat6ed having been in service for between 5 to 10. Additionally 20.2% indicated that they have been in service for between 5 to ten years. This marked skewness indicates that people have a high resilience in the service. This may be attributed to factors such as resiliency, enthusiasm, and self-motivation. This may also mean that the retention policies may be highly effective as opposed to turnover. Accorss gender, the spectrum is also decidedly skewed as the number of women respondents was much higher than that of men. Women are better in this respect as theytend to prescribe to empowerment than men. Woem have high spirit of self motivation while men tend to rely on gut. Female teachers are likely to seek extrinsic motivation while male are intrinsically motivation. This may be the reason why they are not common in seminars and motivational speaking sessions. Men are are not compared to women because women prefer motivational speakers. This may also be attributed to the number of women in the teaching profession as they choose their profession because they feel they have a calling for this work and a passion for sharing knowledge., (Johnson, Berg and Donaldson, 2005; and Waddell, 2007). Gender   Frequency Percent MALE 35 37.2 FEMALE 59 62.8 Total 94 100.0 Aditionaly racial distribution is much skewed; the number of white or Caucasian was double the percentage of the other groups combined. However, this may not be a perfect indication for the study because this is only attributed to the area or region or locality of the study. This may point to the fact that most of the respondent in the area were whites. This only indicates that the study was conducted in ann area where whites were the dominant teachers. Your ethnicity   Frequency Percent WHITE/CUACASIAL 64 68.1 OTHER 30 31.9 Total 94 100.0 Further analysis only pointed to the fact that the higher percentage was not ethnically biased, as there was an exceptionally high disparity amongst the individual ethnic groups. For example, while most of the respondents in the study were whites, a remarkably low number about 1.1% were African American, while the Hispanics were responsible for 11.7%. This may be attributed to the job of choice as most of the African American are in the blue collar jobs while the whites prefer the white collar job. As a measure of the internal consistency, Cronbach's alpha of 0.992, provides a 90% consistency and reliability, this shows that the reliability of the data used was high. The internal consistency in the data was high, on the short run, but had the data been collected over a long period than stability of the Cronbach’s alpha would have moved making the results unstable and unreliable. The summated scale is therefore, reliable and stable on the short run. The data also showed a significant correlation between the races and endurance. White ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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