How to modify your behaviour on Cigarette Smoking - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date Dear………………………… RE: RESPONSE TO YOUR REQUEST ON HOW TO MODIFY YOUR BEHAVIOUR ON CIGARETTE SMOKING. It is my pleasure to get back to you after our intensive interaction just as I promised. Frankly, it is my moral obligation to see to it that such a course as is your case is averted…
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How to modify your behaviour on Cigarette Smoking
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Dear………………………… RE: RESPONSE TO YOUR REQUEST ON HOW TO MODIFY YOUR BEHAVIOUR ON CIGARETTE SMOKING. It is my pleasure to getback to you after our intensive interaction just as I promised. Frankly, it is my moral obligation to see to it that such a course as is your case is averted. Most of all I am grateful for your honest and willing spirit that aided me pinpoint some of the reasons that necessitated such a mishap. Just to confirm, I believe such were your reasons necessitating the challenge you face. That you are compelled to smoke tobacco because: it relieves you of boredom especially when tensed, it keeps you in a relaxed state after each consumption, you get to socialize with counterparts and mixing in social situations, you get going in the morning and as a way to boost self confidence. As I have come to note especially with several clients I have shared with about the same, I am much convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed you have struggled a lot with the scourge, especially now that you are almost moving to the addiction stage. During our dialogue you persistently requested me to present to you my case for discouraging tobacco use. Owing to the magnitude implicated, I finally present to you my reasons confidently and without bias whatsoever the case. In my opinion you have painfully struggled with the habit though it may seem in public that you are doing it out of free will. This becomes much a concern given it is heavily attached to physiological as well as psychological realms. You personally confessed that most often you lack the will power at the thought of withdrawal; for fear of withdrawal symptoms. You went further to state that an attempt to quit will affect the social ties you have with your friends in smoking. Most fascinating was the information regarding your friends. I understand their concern is based on your socialization with them, but I don’t believe in their claim. In fact there is no scientific evidence backing their claim that if you stopped smoking then you would gain weight. So kindly avoid such baseless advices. I also have to admit that it becomes quite hard to withstand the hard hits arising from stress at your place of work and at home. They are more of psychological and as a fact heed expertise. Unfortunately, most victims fear exposing their psychological concerns for fear that their privacy will be at stake. You are however lucky that I am there for you after you fully consented that I intervene in your case. Now that I have confirmed my first pledge to you, I believe you would be more than pleased if I let you know the possible developments that may arise from your case; that is if you do not refrain from smoking. First, however, I apologize incase I offend you in any way. Currently tobacco has been recognized globally as regards its detrimental effects some of which include cancer, lung diseases coronary heart diseases, stroke just to mention but a few. Considerably, it is the single most important avoidable cause of premature mortality and mobility globally. In estimates it is unfortunate that about 1,100 million smokers worldwide are in an age bracket exceeding 15 years. You can now confirm that this plainly accommodates your category of age. This is a matter grave in nature given that the category in question constitutes that which is greatly looked upon by the present generation. Much to this, our country being better in its civilization may never live to see the hard-earned successes of the great labor of our forefathers. This is because presently, about 27% of smokers globally are in developed countries. Smoking of tobacco accounts for about three (3) million deaths each year. Worst of all, it is estimated that this number will rise to ten (10) million annually over the next 30-40 years. As appertains your family concern, you have to show your love to your wife who is often irritated when you smoke and disturb her comfort together with your sons. This is quite critical because very soon not even your sons will accord you the respect. It may also come to you as a surprise when you learn that your sons have followed suit. I guess this would be the least of your wishes for your sons. Talking about cancer, no one would wish such unbearable consequences it would bear on the family; ranging from financial to psychological distortion. You are as well aware that from the recent cases presented on lung cancer, 3/4 of these cases is pegged to cigarette smoking. I believe these are not a variety of options you are ready to abide by. Well, now that we are in the offing, here are some of the tips you must embrace in order to disengage yourself from this terrible course. You must first identify one of the “stop smoking programs” in your locality that wouldn’t inconvenience you to attend. Make regular visits and be an active member. After this you can then choose a very close friend with whom you can quit with. This will at least give you a better social accompaniment other than showing your genuine concern for your friends. They will no longer look down upon your decision and don’t be surprised when they will start marching in your direction. Health wise your sense of taste and smell with be restored. How unbelievable it was when you told me that you can at times go the whole day without a bite provided you have smoked your packet of cigar. In as much as it happens it doesn’t seem normal, does is? No sooner this will be manifested in your general health up from physiological to behavioral. You must thus stop smoking. This will enable you to take foodstuffs indiscriminately ranging from fruits to vegetables, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and your health will no longer be at stake. If therefore we shall continue in this fight, we will be in a position to lead our country in combating the tobacco smoking epidemic and prevent accompanying problems. We will be able to save every single penny the government incurs in cancer treatment and tobacco related ailments. We will also be able to re-affirm our country’s image and maintain the respect it is accorded and in exchange our children and future generations will be proud of us. Thanks a lot for your time and wish you the best. You can always get back to me if need be. Work cited Doll R, Bradford Hill A. ,(1950). Smoking and Carcinoma of the Lung: Pulmonary report, British Medical Journal, 2:739-748 Schrek R et al., (1950). Tobacco Smoking as an Etiological Factor in Disease. Cancer Research, 10:49-58 Levin ML, Goldstein H, Gerhardt PR., (1950). Cancer and Tobacco Smoking. Journal of the American Medical Association, 142:336-338 Peto R, et al., (1994). Mortality from Smoking in Developed Countries, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Read More
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