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Happy family - Essay Example

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Based on the above discussion, many families are happy. Many factors make a family happy. Each member should contribute to the realization and maintenance of a happy family. Indeed, Unselfish family member efforts will create and retain a happy family together. …
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Happy family
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Download file to see previous pages The paper reiterated a happy family shares each other’s triumphs. The father can persuade his daughter to take up the sport of shooting. The father is proud to impress on his family the joy of hearing the loud bang as the family member pulls the gun’s trigger. More exciting, the father is happy to see the family members, especially Sarah Vowell, hit the target. Happiness includes the daughter’s returning home to visit her parents. The father would surely be more than happy to hear his daughter’s voice, especially when his married and working daughter exerts extra efforts to visit her folks. Happiness also includes sharing their sadness. Normally, family members from different locations return to honor their relatives during the burial. In the story, Shooting Dad, visits her hometown, Montana, to share some quality time with her father. The author is part Cherokee Indian. With her unique racial profile, the author enjoys observing her father tinker with firearms. Transferred to Oklahoma, the author proudly shows her rich American Indian heritage. She proudly shows that her family qualifies as a happy family. Sarah Vowell proudly states that her father proudly shares one of his favorite hobbies. The father shows off his cannons. The cannons are part of her father’s map of firearms. The father invented his own version of the cannon. She informs that her father happily invents rifles and bullets for those who legally them, during the war. The daughter eagerly visits her dad in Montana to watch him fire his invented cannon. The author does her part exquisitely well to maintain her happy family (Haltzman, 2009). Linda Eyre (2002) theorized a happy family is one that tries to mend difference among the members. An older brother may bully a younger sibling. The younger brother may punch the elder sister on the noise, in abusive manner. The eldest sister may grab the younger sister’s pizza pie share, without permission. The mother may tend to spend more time with her favorite member of the family, creating a jealous impression on the other members of the family. The jealous members of the family may state hateful remarks on the mother. The same jealous family members may shout jealous remarks to the family member, the favorite sister or brother. Going further, the jealous siblings may harm the favorite family member, to vent their jealousy. To resolve the issue, the mother must think twice before displaying any favoritism among the siblings. The mother must distribute her daily care equally among all the brothers and sisters in the family. Scott Haltzman (2009) proposed a happy family cares for each other. The elder brother can help the younger brother with his school assignments. The elder sister can mend the torn clothes of the family toddler. The elder sisters cooperate to sing the group song during the family’s Christmas party. The mother can place bandage on the child who has a wound. The father can help the toddler onto the child’s toddler chair. The elder brother can spend time playing basketball, table tennis, backgammon, or baseball with one’s brothers, sisters, or parents. The father or mother can counsel the teenage son or daughter on how to handle unrequited love. Often, the children pass the stage of adolescence groping in the dark. During this stage, the adolescent is trying to know one’s place in life. The adolescent is full of dreams. Often the dreams may be harmful to the child. Other times, the adolescent’s dreams may be beneficial to the dreaming child. The parents can do their important share to counsel the children during their growing up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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