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Criminal Representations - Essay Example

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The researcher of this paper focuses upon the crime as a major issue in societies all over the world. People around the globe fear and try to eradicate this crucial problem. Imprisonment is the ultimate punishment for crimes, in contemporary society…
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Criminal Representations
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Download file to see previous pages The conclusion from this review states that conflict theory defines the law and criminal justice system enables the norms and interest of the powerful groups in the society rather than society as a whole. Furthermore, this essay points out for media the presentation of “Shawshank Redemption”, and its importance, and the message or contribution to the society. Shawshank Redemption is a moving story of friendship, hope and perseverance. The relevance of Shawshank redemption here is, most of the characters is prison inmates and reveals a clear picture of a prison atmosphere, and how it affects the prisoners and the society. This film explored several characters that spent their life in the prison, through in jail they learned to adapt to their surroundings and make a society in which they are working or important members. Using theories such as conflict theory and functionalism one can understand the rationale for some of the characters in this film. Prisoners may have a will of revenge, and jails are schools of crime where people can easily exchange their criminal know ledge. Furthermore, sometimes, it stigmatizes more the people than it helps them. Social division in society is reinforced. As societies focus on prisons, our attention is distracted from the crimes of the powerful”. Finally the analysis touches to the relevant theories like labeling theory in this context which is more relevant....
Using theories such as conflict theory and functionalism one can understand the rationale for some of the characters in this film. Prisoners may have a will of revenge, and jails are schools of crime where people can easily exchange their criminal know ledge. Furthermore, sometimes, it stigmatizes more the people than it helps them. Social division in society is reinforced. As societies focus on prisons, our attention is distracted from the crimes of the powerful” (The Existence and Use of the Prison in Modern Society, 2011). Finally the analysis touches to the relevant theories like labeling theory in this context which is more relevant. “Prisons have different aims. The Gladstone Report, made in 1895, explains that, “prison treatment should have as its primary and concurrent objects, deterrence and reformation” (Coyle, 2005, p.30). Theoretical /Methodological Deconstruction and Evaluation: Currently, prison is used as the place for severe punishment in criminal activities. The aim of confinement is to reduce the rate of crime by deterrence, prevention and rehabilitation. Since its occurrence, prison system has gone through various transformations, to improve the recurring problems it has faced. In society one of the most important forms of punishment for criminals is to send them for correctional facility like prison. If the longer time one stayed in such an environment the more institutionalized they become. Criminals will soon accept the reality as a prisoner and establish an identity with in the community. Adapted from Stephen king’s novel Rita Hayworth and Frank Darabont made script, and directed the 1994 American film on show shank ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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