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The impact of television on society - Research Proposal Example

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This research is governed by the following research questions, which will aid in attaining objectives and aim of the research: How does television affect society as far as the perception of gender roles and with regards to whether it increases aggression in children?…
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The impact of television on society
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Download file to see previous pages 10); ethnography, which is grounded in cultural anthropology, and describes a culture or way of life in the eyes of a native, and seeks to understand the cultural patterns and perspectives of that culture in a natural setting; and narrative, which is examined fully in this paper. (Hossain, 2008, p. 10). Data collection in qualitative research can take the form of focus groups, which brings together a small group to talk about an area; direct observation, in which the researcher observes the subjects in a natural setting by becoming a part of the setting, such as becoming the part of a staff who performs normal duties around the subjects; and in-depth interviews, in which subjects are interviewed individually, with the aim of producing broad ranging, penetrating issues, without preset questions. (Hossain, 2008, p. 11). As stated above, my methodology is a case study using a survey to ascertain opinions and research. The other methodology is the literature review. The purpose of the literature review is to “1) provide a context for the research; 2) Justify the research...3) Show where the research fits into the existing body of knowledge; 4) Enable the researcher to learn from previous theory on the subject; 5) Illustrate how the subject has been studied previously...6) Show that the work is adding to the understanding and knowledge of the field; 7) Help refine, refocus or even change the topic.” (Boote & Beile, 2005, pp. 3-15). The literature review provides a theoretical foundation upon which the qualitative data is based. (Aquino & Pagliarussi, p. 4). Qualitative research is used for interpretivists paradigms. The assumption which guides this type of research is that the social and physical realities of the subjects are going to be different from one to the...
The researcher states that scholars have studied the effects that television has on society, and has focused on a number of discrete areas for their research. For instance, Kellner focused upon the aspect of television's impact on society which states that television is partially responsible for the fragmentation of society. Kellner states that since television viewing is typically consumed in isolation, active association with one another is supplanted by the television, and the consumption of media images is the substitute for “active, participatory, associative culture”. Kellner also notes that television has evolved over the years in its portrayal of gender, race and sexual orientation due to political pressure from representatives of these groups. Because of the vocal nature of feminists, civil rights activists and gay rights groups, television is often more progressive in its portrayal of these groups than the society at large, because the political pressure brought to bear by the interest groups has forced television into this progression and evolution. Thus, according to Kellner, the portrayal of television of women, blacks and gays in the 1960s and 1970s were progressive and in contrast to the actual sexism and racism which existed in the country during this time. At the same time, television is under pressure from conservative groups which object to the images of violence and sex, and the move away from traditional values, so television must also be cognizant of this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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