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The sidnificant concepts in relation to sociology - Essay Example

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The paper is aimed at people interested in sociology. It examines some of the main concepts of sociology, explores social theories, and presents a deep analysis of personality notion (role, role conflict, status, immigration)…
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The sidnificant concepts in relation to sociology
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Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, Browne cited that instinct is also evident in humans; for instance, women are thought to be natural mothers, with a maternal and caring instinct and a biological inclination towards child rearing and domestic tasks (20). Men, on the other hand, are naturally assertive and dominant members of society, inclined towards the breadwinner role of supporting the family (Browne 20). Reflexes and Drives A reflex is an unlearned, biologically determined involuntary response to some physical stimuli (Kendall 43). Sneeze and the blinking of an eye are examples of a reflex; a sneeze may occur after breathing some pepper in through the nose while the blinking of an eye may happen when a speck of dust gets in it (Kendall 43). Drives are unlearned, biologically determined impulses typical to all members of a species that satisfy needs such as those for sleep, food, water or sexual gratification (Kendall 43). An example of this is hunger, which drives one to eat food in order to be satisfied. However, Kendall proposed that reflexes and drives do not determine how people will behave in human societies; even the expression of these biological characteristics is channeled by culture; for instance, one may be taught that the appropriate way to sneeze is to use a tissue paper or turn one’s head away from others (43). Culture and Language Culture as defined by Burton refers to the total way of life of a group of people, their shared customs and practices (37). Likewise, culture has been described by Kendall as the common denominator that makes the action of individuals intelligible to the group (42). Culture is essential for individual survival and communication with other people (Kendall 42). Furthermore, Kendall stressed that culture is...
The work The Significant Concepts in relation to Sociology is the best example of defining sociology as a science and describing its major concepts. Sociology is the systematic or planned and organized study of human groups and social life in modern societies. The paper explores a great number of social phenomena: instinct, reflexes and drives, culture and language, ethnocentrism and xenocentrism, cultural relativity or relativism, social groups, personality and personality development, immigration, roles, role conflict, and status. The writer provides some definition of ethnocentrism, which is a view of the world in which other cultures are seen through the eyes of one’s own culture. Xenocentrism is the opposite of ethnocentrism which refers to both fundamental and favorable orientations to groups other than one’s own. Cultural relativism is an alternative to ethnocentrism which refers to the belief that the behaviors and customs of any culture must be viewed and analyzed by the culture’s own standards. The author reviews some social theories, for example, the Malthusian theory which confirms a negative relationship between population growth and economic development. Malthus’ theory has some vital points; however, the author of this paper believes that population growth and migration does not only lead to negative effects such as overpopulation, low wages and poverty but also it can produce positive outcomes. The mentioned negative effects are not solely grounded by population growth and migration, the policies of the government are also crucial in meeting the needs of the population; if only the government would focus its program on what will benefit the many even though there is increased population, coping with the demands of the people will not be a predicament. Moreover, population growth can also stimulate creation of new innovations or technology to be able to keep pace with the basic necessities of every individual. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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