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Myrlad of social Ideas - Essay Example

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Sociology 11 December 2011 Myriad of Sociological Ideas Alienation literally means estrangement and is defined as the separation of things that naturally belong together, or to put antagonism between things that are properly in harmony. One of the famous people who studied alienation was Karl Marx…
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Myrlad of social Ideas
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Download file to see previous pages There are many examples of social alienation seen today but one of the most commonly depicted in the society would be that of alienation at school wherein there is alienation of students who deviate from the norm. Those who were alienated are not invited in clubs and other social activities. In addition they have separate eating and dining tables in the integrated schools, segregated fraternities, sororities and other social organizations and groups on campus. This has been going on in schools worldwide and though ideas of equality has been taught time and again, the ideas of alienation of those who are different has been deeply ingrained and has been passed out from generations to generations of students such that it became part of the traditions of the schools. Those who were alienated tend to have stressful academic experiences and strained relationships resulting in feelings of powerlessness, meaninglessness and isolation. The second discussion is on increasing divorce rates in the U.S. Many explanations were given as to why the divorce rates are steadily increasing in the recent times. On top of the causes list was that of now lenient laws for divorce. In the past, the couples who want a divorce need to construct a legal attack on their spouses in order to achieve divorce but recently divorce laws have become more lenient. It takes less time and paperwork to achieve. Troubled and estranged couples who have problems in their married life would rather have a divorce than work-out their problems.  With only legal paperwork standing between them and freedom, many disillusioned spouses find that a divorce is the simplest way out of an unhappy situation. Another reason is that the rise of dual career homes wherein both men and women work. The women then feel stressed easier because they feel they have extra workload added while the men on the other hand feel neglected, thus causing a rift between he spouses. Sometimes the roles of the spouses become blurred and become the conflict itself. Previous gender roles are displaced resulting in conflicting expectations that can lead to stress and unhappiness, which in turn may lead to a divorce. Also, as women have been more empowered, they are less likely to tolerate an unkind or abusive spouse. This makes up for one of the highest reasons why divorce happens. The third discussion is that of the idea of “nurture and nature”. The passing of trait or behavior from a parent to a child is determined by many factors but the two that was most studied was that of “nature” and “nurture”. “Nature” is defined as that of traits and behaviors passed on biologically, meaning thru what is now known as the genetic code or DNA “Nurture” on the other hand was defined as that of traits passed on not dependent on genetic codes but on how the child was brought up. In this life, although we cannot escape the laws of biology (nature), it can be superseded by cultural elaboration (nurture). Though it was believed that some behavioral patterns are biologically determined, a person can still be changed by being able to change his way of thinking and himself. Man was given the will to change himself by learning experiences unlike other forms of animals. One person can cross biological boundaries and change what was predetermined by genetic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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