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Sex Theory - Essay Example

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Sex activity is an important aspect of our lives not just for the sake of it or the experience but also for the sake of the meaning that it gives us and those people around us.
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Sex Theory
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Extract of sample "Sex Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Taboo One very important factor in discussing sex or sex activity is taboo. It basically defines what is permitted, acceptable or what is normal. It prescribes the criteria that determine those considered to be different and deviant. Those that society do not approve of, falls in this category. Taboo is very important because individuals wanted so much to be part of a community and to be identified with what it stands for. There are various reasons but generally people see the community as a source of stability and security. Since taboo forms part of the community's identity, people work hard to protect its norms and belief systems and abide by it because that is the only way such community could persist. Now, sexual taboos appear to be the most important dimension by which sexual activity within a community can be examined. For example, the issue of circumcision is very important in some societies. The Jews consider it part of their religious practices; hence the issue of sexuality becomes deeply intertwined with spiritual concepts. Understanding taboos could provide a deep insight in regard to the sexual activities within a specific community. Women are forbidden to show skin in many Islamic countries, because it supposedly encourages sexual acts and promiscuity. Some communities celebrate sex, some view it as part of the private sphere, and some sees it as dirty or scandalous. Whatever the case is and, as demonstrated in sexual taboos, it is fundamental in our belief systems and reflect what we value in other aspects of our lives such as love, family, freedom, religion, and so on. Developing Perspective Having established how sexual activities are potent socio-cultural artifact, it now becomes easy to understand how people have differing perspectives and attitudes on sex as they age. Early in life, people are full of fear because the social norms are very much influential. Gay adolescents are fearful of being gay because they want to get approval. Other young individuals harass and oppress gay people because of the same desire and motivation for conformity. As people mature, however, and as they gain maturity and strength to confront the consequences of being different, as they met others with similar perspectives and sexual orientation, they become more emboldened to pursue their preferences in sex. The stories of the employees at Google, who shared their experiences in their growing years for the It Gets Better Project, demonstrated this. Many cited high school years as the difficult years as they suffered humiliation and bullying at the hands of others. But many of these individuals pointed out that things turned out better when they entered college. It seems like the change of environment made everything different for these people – they met new friends, found a wider set of acquaintances. But a deeper transformation actually happened. People, not just those in the gay community but others as well, have changed and became more matured in their thinking and, hence, become more tolerant. They populated the colleges, which for their part are also crucial in the emergence of the culture of tolerance with their encouragement for equality and understanding of differences among people. As individuals gain more understanding and wisdom about the world, they become better people. That is why gay started to come out of the closet and people become more accepting. Case Study: Jenny Boylan Jennifer/Jenny Boylan's story was that of a transgender, a man who underwent surgery in order to physically resembles the body of a woman. An interesting aspect in his/her narrative is the way the narrative no longer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Sex Theory" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own example.


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