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Establishing A Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Libya - Essay Example

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ESTABLISHING A TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION IN LIBYA Name Name of Professor Name of Institution Month, Year The Need for Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Libya One of most sensitive debates after the death of Gaddafi is the role of former regime henchmen have in the new era…
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Establishing A Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Libya
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Establishing A Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Libya

Download file to see previous pages... This success will not only have positive impacts on peace but it will also lead to considerable growth in the country’s economy (Pack and Zaptia, 2011). These debates remind us a lot of what happened in Iraq during the Bush era, and South Africa’s reconstruction after the apartheid era. After Saddam Hussein’s fall in 2003, Paul Bremer (US Pro-consult at the time) embarked on a task to clear the public life of Hussein’s former allies. This was notoriously known as “de-Ba’athification,” that is, doing away with any one attached to Saddam’s Baath party or regime. Bremer believed that it was the best approach to start the reconstruction process for Iraq. However, as many experts claim, this was probably the most ignorant thing the Bush administration did in Iraq. Instead of bringing stability in Iraq, it probably acted as an obstacle to economic recovery and brought a lot of hatred among the people of Iraq (Pack and Zaptia, 2011). Looking at South Africa, after the fall of the apartheid regime in South Africa in early nineties, instead of inciting his compatriots against their former offenders, Nelson Mandela embarked on a mission to reconcile the Afrikaners, Xhosas, and the Europeans. This was done through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), and the country picked up its pieces and moved on (Vora and Vora, 2004s). Just like in South Africa, many people think that TRC is the best option for Libya. Unlike Iraq, Libya had no political party. However, Gaddafi used his ideologies and friends to rule the country. Libyans have conflicting ideas on whether or not to have a TRC and are sharply divided according to tribes, regions, education, and class. Most people who fought against Gaddafi’s regime think that his “old guards” should be prosecuted for atrocities they committed in the past regime. Gaddafi loyalist, on the other hand, do not support that. Companies like Mellitah Oil and Gas Co. are also reported to have started sacking managers who were affiliated to the former ruler (Democracy Digest, 2011). The result of these actions against people perceived to be former loyalists of Gaddafi will serve nothing but hinder the country’s reconstruction and economic recovery, just as it happened in Iraq. It may see incompetent individuals being rewarded with positions they have no qualifications to rule. It may also see innocent people being kept out of public life due to their former political stands. A claim that those who did not support Gaddafi are best to hold high-profile offices is unfounded and ignorant (Pack and Zaptia 2011). For Libya to move on and claim its former position in the world, those who wronged others should be given an opportunity to apologize to make peace with everyone they wronged. This is for the good of all Libyans. They should learn from and copy South Africa’s TRC, as this is the best way for them to establish a reasonable rule of law, and to prevent unnecessary vengeance. This commission will help them to do away with anger and vengeance, especially as they wait to hold their first democratic elections, done under a constitution made by the people for the people (Democracy Digest, 2011). The commission will also provide a platform for those wronged to present their grievances to tribunals instead of using vigilantism, as was sadly witnessed in Iraq. Gross dirty deals will also be realized in foreign accounts, and with little interference on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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