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Fast Food and it's Impact - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that “fast foods”, as the name suggests itself means quick food, therefore, fast food is something which can be quickly prepared or cooked and served within minutes to the desired customer. Fast food restaurants have become quite popular over the years because of their quick services and mouth watering tasty flavors…
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Fast Food and its Impact
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Download file to see previous pages Bureau of Labor Statistics). Fast food restaurants and outlets are on a rise. They are often not covered and are situated in open air with no proper seating arrangements. Fast food restaurants are everywhere these days. For example, MC Donalds, KFC, Burger King and many other franchises have opened up and still new ones are being introduced. These outlets are also opened in locations near petrol pumps, gas stations and utility stores. Foods which they normally serve include potato chips (French fries), hot dogs, sandwiches, nuggets and doughnuts. It is often difficult for a food to be categorized as good or bad but the problems which are associated with fast foods often deem it in a negative way. Fast foods put negative impacts mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally on people who consume it. Fast foods are often high in carbohydrates and fats which increases the cholesterol levels, in turn producing various health problems like high blood pressure, obesity and of course numerous heart diseases. It is thus obvious that these health problems create very serious impacts in the long run. Fast foods also lack main nutrients and essential vitamins that our bodies require on a daily basis (CYWH Staff. 2011). There has been a decline in the number of households which cook fresh food for its members. Due to our psychology, most of us prefer microwave readymade foods and pizzas because ot saves time in this busy every day schedule. Our body functions properly only when we consume healthy foods which are rich in vitamins and essential oils. Junk foods are deprived of those nutrient portions that our bodies require to function properly. It also lacks fresh ingredients like the fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the intake of fibers...
This essay approves that that people who live near fast food chains are more vulnerable to stroke attacks. The quantitative measures have shown that they are as much as 13% more prone than those who do not live near fast food restaurants. This was presented by the International Stroke Conference. The reason being, that people living near consume more fast food items because they get tempted by their advertisements.
This report makes a conclusion that many food chains are trying to review their menus for more healthy food. There are various means by which consumers can keep a check on what they consume. For example, using lighter toppings on pizzas and burgers can cut off the additional oils. This will also help to lighten one’s meal. Using salads with heavy fast foods can prove to be beneficial due to the fresh fruits and vegetables in it. Using ketchup instead of mayonnaise may also help in reducing health problems. Cheese is a major source of fats in fast foods which increases the risk of obesity, thus one should be considerate while consuming food containing cheese. One problem with fast foods through which it is considered unhealthy is the condition in which it is prepared. Choosing fast food meals that are steamed rather than deep fried will surely help in maintaining the much needed balance in diet. It is indeed true that, we on a daily basis eat more food than we used to eat previously. The reason behind this is that the fast food deals are often big in size and one is usually tempted to eat it all. The cheap deals that many fast food restaurants offer tempt customers to buy them instead of cooking healthy foods at their respective homes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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