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A Report on……….’ An Investigation into…….’ ‘An Analysis of………’ ‘Comparison of….and…’ You’re Name Submission in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the ………………course. If you are a HKPU student, your students number…
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Submission in partial fulfillment in the requirement
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Download file to see previous pages TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction………………………………………………………………4 2. Methodology………………………………………………………………5 3. Findings……………………………………………………………………7 4. Conclusions………………………………………………………………...11 5. Bibliography………………………………………………………………..12 Introduction: The (SAS) that is the Scandinavian Airline System is however used to illustrate through an introduction to the company and its historical events. We will look at various measures or strategies the company took for the upcoming challenges with the increasing changes in competition, the operating cost which is relatively high, and also the strategic point off view. Norway, Denmark and also Sweden have culturally and strong tradition of cooperating and trade as the three Scandinavian countries. In 1944 in Chicago, the international rules that involved the civic aviation was passed which described that each country had sovereignty which is complete through its own territory in the air and would make sole or drastic decisions involving the rights to fly about it territory. ( Methodology When we look at the external environments and internal strategies capacities we could however see the ways the companies faced to fight its challenges. The SWOT is a brief statement of internal audit analysis. It relevantly searches ways to identify the most important factors that would hinder organization and its markets. Through this stage, internal strategies are related to external strategies having a result the organization will be notified or aware of the place the strategies would be unleashed as well with its weaknesses. ( In other words the particular point of this analysis is to however identify the particular strengths and also weaknesses which are in the companies internal sector and opportunities and the threats which may occur on level which of the external part. On the other hand, the factors in the external part deals drastically with the models of environment in it competitive advantage, with the factors in the internal part they are related in the center most capabilities and competencies of the company and could influence the future strategic enrollment orientation. With however the PESTEL analysis of the macro-environment, relevantly factors of internal and external could be interdependent and would be through this chat represented: Figure- The interdependency of internal and external factors of the SWOT analysis. In short words we can say that the SWOT analysis helps in focusing on strengths of the organizations it highlights and also the weaknesses in same very time reveals opportunities for the organization for their environments and also threats organization would be aware of. SWOT analysis however helps in supporting companies through early processes of measures taken and strategies setting. The limits of this very simple model is that it has difficulty in defining factors in certain opportunity or strength or even threat ad weakness. The boundary is the managers’ capital that elaborates the SWOT analysis stay objective in enhancing the model. SWOT analysis usefulness and its utility when doing a comparative study with competitors in terms that are of weaknesses, straight, threats, and opportunities, SAS describes a SWOT analysis a SWOT analysis on competitors and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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