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Personal account of racial treatment I get from the members of my community - Essay Example

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Personal account of racial treatment I get from members of my community Name Institution “Essentially, race is a classification of people based on physical differences and usually divides people into three major groups: Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid,” (O’Donnell, 1994)…
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Personal account of racial treatment I get from the members of my community
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Download file to see previous pages As such, the thesis of the paper is to outline the aspect of racism in particular with regards to the way I relate with the people in my community. In this discussion, I will also outline the measures that I can implement to effectively counter the negative aspects that are related to the concept of race. I am an African American and I currently live and work in New York. By virtue of my race, I have come to realize that as an African American, I am often viewed from a different perspective by different people in my community as well as at work. I live in a Jewish community and there are few people like me in this particular place. Even at work, I have also realized that African Americans are seen as a minority race give that we are few in numbers compared to other races though we are fairly treated in other aspects of life such as freedom of movement and the right to associate with people of your own choice. I have also realized that we are not give equal employment opportunities though we can be absorbed into the mainstream employment in this particular state. Our race is often looked down upon and there are various reasons that can be attributed to this state of affairs. America has a strong history of absorbing immigrants and research has shown that African Americans in particular are not fairly treated when it comes to the aspect of race. Because members of ethnic groups are often highly visible compared with the host group, they can easily become the target for prejudice, a bias, usually hostility without reasonable reason (Alant, 1993). From this assertion, I would like to strongly believe that as an African American in my community, my race is very visible to the members of the community in which I live. This community as indicated above is predominantly comprised of Jewish people and they often view me from a different perspective. I have a feeling that racism exists in my community as well as the workplace by virtue of the treatment I often get from the people who live in these areas. Though I am fairly treated by the other members of the community as well as workmates, I have come to realize that these Jewish people in particular have their own perceptions of African Americans who are often viewed as inferior to them. I say so because the treatment I sometimes get bears testimony of the fact that there are some elements of racism prevailing among the members of the Jewish community. The way they look at me suggests that I am a target of hatred as I am viewed from a negative perspective. Some people often see me as if I not a special human being as they often look at me with weird suspicion. It is difficult for some of them to fully accept me as a full member of their community given that I am different from them. The Jewish people have a tendency of treating their colleagues as special people compared to us African Americans and this kind of relationship which exists is not very much comfortable to me. African Americans are more visible compared to other races and these are often viewed from a different angle as they are often considered to be responsible for social ills such as crime and violence. In most cases, people like me are used as scapegoats by the other members of the society and they are often blamed for things like unemployment, poor educational standards as well as other failings in general. This emanates from the widely held view that African ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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