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How Education Effects the Annual Earnings of Different Minority Groups - Research Paper Example

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This paper will descusse education is one of the most vital factors aiding a progressive world today and enables a person to evolve from a barbarian to a civilized human being. Education provides a person with insight, personality, and a perspective to analyze the world. …
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How Education Effects the Annual Earnings of Different Minority Groups
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Extract of sample "How Education Effects the Annual Earnings of Different Minority Groups"

Download file to see previous pages eloped and have fewer resources or opportunities for exposure to education, they prefer that the male child acquire education relative to or at the expense of the female child. This occurs because they feel that the male has the responsibility of earning, hence his education will be more beneficial and is more essential to the education of the female in a society/household with limited resources Jacobs, pg.155). LITERATURE REVIEW There are several other groups who receive unequal educational opportunities because of various reasons. Some groups are minorities whom are not facilitated with adequate schooling facilities in their country of origin or residence. Moreover, some countries lack proper educational exposure as they are not properly developed and government focus is not upon providing everyone with equal educational opportunities. Such countries include many Asian countries, Africa, and other nations Hills & Stewart, pg 107). Hence, more affluent or resourceful students travel to places such as Europe, USA, and Australia to acquire a proper higher education. This is because education provided in these countries is not adequate or appropriate according to required international standards. Hence, students must opt for opportunities elsewhere. However, in other countries they are required to pay very high tuition fees while local students have to pay a very low rate or are completely free. There are several consequences to unequal educational opportunities to minorities and other people prevalent in a country or in the world, which include unfair, biased, and unequal job opportunities and pay rates for the same job compared to graduates from more affluent parts of the world. Educational inequality then further increases to other aspects throughout the afflicted...
This paper shows All people at one level or at equilibrium will not create value in society. Since workers are needed at every level of operation from manual workers to professionals to workers who perform janitorial work, unequal opportunities must exist. If education is made easily accessible and equal, the supply of education will exceed demand and this will cause disequilibrium in the economy.
Data collection is one of the most essential and imperative phases of any research, as it determines the quality of outcome of the whole research. There are many instances of unequal educational opportunities based on ethnic discrimination as different ethnic groups have different educational trends.
According to the paper there were few limitations during this research process. The basic limitation was inadequate amount of time that limited the scope and depth of research that could have been in detail. Secondly, funding was another issue that did not allow the researcher to acquire data through primary sources that would have been more realistic and have facilitated researcher in ensuring 100% validity of the acquired data during completion of this research paper. In this regard, it is anticipation that future researches in the same will enable the researcher to come up with more recommendations and analyze the data and information in the more efficient and critical manner.
This paper makes a conclusion that to ensure that equal educational opportunities are provided for all society and institutions must rid themselves of biases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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