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Children of Single-Parent Homes - Dissertation Example

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This essay shows an analysis of the numerous perspectives that prevalence of single-parent families, who are linked to divorce, separation, and death of one spouse. Different perspectives have been developed as to why there is an increase in one-parent or single-parent families…
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Children of Single-Parent Homes
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Extract of sample "Children of Single-Parent Homes"

Download file to see previous pages Despite of the type and nature of single-family in USA today, the bitter truth is that the problem is increasing and aggravating at an alarming rate. Differences exists with regard to lived experiences of single-parent families and this is largely contributed by factors such as economic and social conditions, religion, race, family size, and many more related factors (Yarber and Sharp, 2010). Single-parent families when compared to two-parent families exhibit some factors and characteristics that indicate numerous problems and hurdles the single-parent families experience and face as compared to two-parent families. It should further be understood that gender experience with regard to single-parent families is almost the same but on relative scale; women unlike men experience the most challenging experiences (Yarber and Sharp, 2010). Women as compared to men are seen to experience more problems due to low levels of education, employment in low-ranking jobs, rampant discrimination, lack of job skills and experience, and childcare issues. Again, within the single parent families there exist numerous categories the way it was seen earlier, which make lived experiences of different types of single-parent families totally heterogeneous. For instance, single-parent families that result from; never-married partners, divorcee and separated couples tend to experience more problems and challenges as compared to single-parent families resulting from death of one partner (Yarber and Sharp, 2010). Studies on these aspects of intra-single-parent families are enormous but not exhaustive. Problems and challenges single parents’ experience Many studies have been undertaken with regard to single-parent families especially their lived experienced which has to do with problems...
From this research, it is clear that the understanding is that single-parent families emerge from multiple reasons and impact multiply on the children in such families. Therefore, adequate and comprehensive understanding of the concept needs to be done in multi-facet approach. In this way, a single but multi-facet theory that captures the socioeconomic, psychological, and cultural explanation of single-parent families and associative problems and challenges should be developed. The above-highlighted models lack union or interconnectedness, an aspect that portrays a fragmented nature and understanding of single-parenthood.
Through carrying out a literature review on children in single-parent families, it has been possible to establish reasons behind the rise of single-parent families. In addition, the problems of single parents have been captured where single mothers are perceived to be the most vulnerable and affected when families separate or divorce. The major problems faced by single parents have been identified to constitute social, economic, and sometimes psychological. On the other hand, it has been established how children in single-parent families unlike their counterparts in two-parent families face myriad of problems. Problems largely constitute those reflecting socioeconomic and psychological aspects. Nevertheless, it has also been established that different models explain the problems experienced by children in single-parent families, although their fragmented nature limit conclusive linkage.

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