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Scientific Breakthrough and Its Implications - Research Paper Example

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This report “Scientific Breakthrough and Its Implications” studies the discovery of O type blood and its implications on the American culture as well on the lives on human beings and relates the discovery to the notions of science and its aspects…
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Scientific Breakthrough and Its Implications
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Extract of sample "Scientific Breakthrough and Its Implications"

Download file to see previous pages One such everyday life’s problem is the shortage of Type O blood for the individuals of blood group O. It is the blood group lacking the chemical molecules present on the surface of the red blood cells. The individuals possessing the O group of blood can donate blood to all other types of individuals but can receive blood only from an individual of Type O blood. This is the reason that the individuals having O type blood are referred to as universal donors (Blood Types: What’s your type? 2011). This clearly reflects the fact that the unavailability of O type blood when in need can even take the lives of individuals as other blood types cannot be donated to them. It is in this context that a discovery made by Professor Henrik Clausen seems to be providing a way out to the shortage of O type blood. This report studies the discovery and its implications on the American culture as well on the lives of human beings and relates the discovery to the notions of science and its aspects. Scientific Breakthrough: Blood of Type O has been observed to be in a crisis and always in shortage when in need of an individual. It is in high demand for individuals having Type O blood since although such individuals are known to be the universal donors, they cannot receive blood from any individual having the blood of any other type. Thus it becomes highly essential that O type blood is available for serving individuals with this blood group. Considering these issues and realizing the importance of the availability of Type O blood, Professor Henrik Clausen of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark made a breakthrough in the year 2007 by discovering a manner in which blood of any other type can be converted into the O type blood. It would be tolerable for every individual and is expected to solve the problem of shortage of the O type blood (Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007, 2007). The need for the discovery was arisen out of the crisis at the National Institutes of Health all across Georgia. It was also of a major concern since in case blood of wrong types could get transfused to the body of an individual, it would prove to be highly fatal for him and the person might even die. Professor Clausen conducted detailed research and discovered certain enzymes that can remove the sugars that create problems from the exterior of the other types of blood, that is, A, B and AB. The enzymes discovered are produced by bacteria whose mechanisms of the molecules have the ability to convert the other types of blood into the O type. The discovery was published in magazines as well as following this breakthrough a new company in Massachusetts has been found to manufacture a tool that can be used by different hospitals or nursing centers during stages of blood (Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007, 2007). Impacts of the Discovery on the American Culture and the Implications on Everyday lives of Individuals: Professor Clausen and his team attempted and discovered the enzymes that can convert the other types of blood into the O type blood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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