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This paper will discuss the issue of emotional abuse among children. Consequently, the paper will look into how children get emotionally abused by looking into the different types of emotional abuse. Furthermore it will state the most common perpetrators of emotional abuse and the reasons why they do so. …
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Emotional Abuse on Children
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will also look into the common signs of emotional abuse in children and the effects the abuse will impose on the children. In addition, it will cover the assistance that can be given to abused children. Finally the paper will talk about the steps that are to be taken in the case a child opens up to incidents of abuse and the actions and steps that can be taken in order to prevent emotional abuse in children. Is it possible to protect children from emotional abuse? Introduction Emotional abuse can be defined as a form of maltreatment that will impact negatively on the psychological growth and development of a child. This will in most cases involve words, indifference and actions and in most cases the people who will abuse the child will often belittle them, criticize and dominate them. This type of abuse may go along with physical abuse on the child or without. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is harder to detect due to lack of any noticeable marks on the child. Despite this, the effects of emotional abuse will have more detrimental effects in comparison to physical abuse (Jantz & Mc Murray, 2009). In order to be able to recognize the emotional abuse that a child may be having there will be need for clinical diagnosis. This in most cases will be done using a Child Abuse and Trauma Scale (CATS). This will normally involve a revised version that will be centred on targeting any form of emotional abuse on the child. In most cases as detected, the children who are abused emotionally will tend to have a very high level of loyalty to the parent due to the fear of retribution that will present in the form of punishment. In other cases this children may be afraid of reporting the abuse as they perceive it as part of the normal life. Sometimes the parents may inflict the emotional abuse on the child albeit in an indirect manner; this will be a case where the parents has too much expectations from the child be it in academics or sports hence leading to pressure on the child as he or she develops a fear of disappointing the parents. This is because failure to achieve this can lead to a feeling of not being good enough for their parents and eventually will lead to low self-esteem (Jantz & Mc Murray, 2009). Indicators of Emotional Abuse in Children Some of the indicators that can be used in detecting children who may suffer emotional abuse will mainly present in actions of the child. Most of the children will tend to have behaviours that are either immature or too mature for the Child’s age. In addition, the child may have a dramatic change in behaviour or develop a compulsion in which he or she will try to seek affection or attention. The child in some cases will have aggressiveness in behaviour when dealing with other children or suddenly becomes very uncooperative. In some severe cases the child will loss control of the bowel movement or have a bedwetting tendency. Other signs may include lack of self confidence along with poor relations with peers while they having an inability to react with emotion in situations that a normal child does. However, physically the child will appear like any other normal kid hence differentiating will be very difficult. It is also important to note that most of the mentioned signs can occur in normal children without necessarily the presence of emotional abuse arising (Boy Scouts of America, 2005). Perpetrators of Emotional Abuse in Children In trying to find out who may be the perpetrators of committing emotional abuse to child, all adults in the child’s life will have to be considered as possible suspects. This will have a wide range of persons and will vary from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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