DArcy Martin v.s. Michael Newman - Essay Example

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The discourse embarks on to a literary journey where we have the idealist essayist D’Arcy Martin on one hand with the skeptic M. Newman on the other. Their books, a clash of montages & ideas leads us to two identical yet separate worlds from where it becomes difficult for the reader to choose from…
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DArcy Martin v.s. Michael Newman
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that in Thinking Union, Martin discourses on his own schooling as a labor activist and a labor mentor. The Third Contract Theory & Practice in Trade Union Training by Michael Newman provides a slightly altered approach towards labour training & education. The author makes an attempt to investigate the variation in trade union education and other forms of adult tutoring and teaching. He also deduces some of the theorists from the arena of adult learning, society’s adult education, and human resource expansion in a manner which turns their ideas and practice applicable to unionists. D’Arcy Martin’s chronicle evolves a loving yet plausible portrayal of union customs in Canada for more than two decades. Opening with when he took an employment as the Canadian education director for the Steelworkers (USWA) in Toronto in 1978, he brings us up all the way through the mid- 1990s, by when he had been misemployed by the Steelworkers, worked for the Communication and the & Electrical Workers of Canada (CWC) & subsequently on a nationalized job training format & ultimately finished up with the communication, Energy & paper workers (Canada) amalgamated union. It may be connoted that Newman deciphers a more professional approach towards his duty, while Martin goes through an emotional journey while penning down the phrases of his book. Newman produces a detailed analysis of his stint as a union trainer under the Australian Trade Union Training Authority (TUTA) & provides wholesome tactical as well as mechanical approaches to deal with immediate hurdles & hindrances. Martin appears to more of a rebel who feels for the causes for which he incidentally has been appointed. Newman’s approach is often based on clusters of questionnaire, which he himself answers for the readers, thus proving his theoretical mettle in labour & educational programming. Newman treats his entire book like a course or guidebook while Martin is earthy, robust, humanist & anti-establishment. Newman shares the light moments, fun, & frolic associated during the time of the training but somehow can never escape the ‘mechanical attitude’. Newman extensively writes about the training schedules & how the students are trained according to the curriculum. He also speaks from the ‘trainer’s point of view’, & speaks about a few whom he deems worthy of. Newman speaks about the inventive John Griffith, a visual trainer by profession. He depicts Griffith (Griffo) as a visual trainer, who made “inventive use of overhead transparencies, writing and ‘drawing quickly but elaborately with different colored pens on the whiteboard, revealing diagrams and drawings already prepared on large pieces of newsprint”. Newman says: “He moved energetically, walking deep into the U to listen to one particular participant, and then whipping around to throw a question at another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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