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Homeland Security - American citizen`s freedom at risk - Essay Example

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Homeland security is a broad term that encompasses all national security efforts to counter terrorism that protect American citizens. It helps to strengthen the American defense system in such a way that its vulnerability to possible terrorist activity is narrowed down to zilch while simultaneously preserving the freedom of American citizens…
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Homeland Security - American citizen`s freedom at risk
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Download file to see previous pages American citizens saw the aftermath of the drastic events that occurred after the unfortunate incident of September 11 2001. These events resulted in the enactment of the famous Homeland Security Act (HSA) in the year 2002. The act had the privilege of being cosponsored by 118 officials of the Congress and was subsequently signed in to the United States Law by President George W. Bush in November 2002.
Homeland security act resulted in the formation of both the United States Department of Homeland Security and also the Secretary of Homeland Security. HSA is also responsible for the establishment for the Directorate for Information Analysis, Infrastructure Protection and subsequent enactment of the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002 and the Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2002 both of which play a vital role in protecting America from terrorism including cyber terrorism.
HSA is by far the largest federal government reorganization since the enactment of National Security Act of 1947 which was followed by the creation of the Department of Defense. The new homeland security department capacitates larger number of services including the Custom Service, Coast guard and also the famous U.S. Secret Service. The homeland security department was first funded by the Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2004....
History: The history of the National Guard can be traced back to the time of the early English colonies in Northern America, who were responsible for their own protection. By following the English military tradition, the colonists trained potential male citizens and organized them into militias. These trained militias were entrusted with the responsibility of defending their fellow colonist citizens from Indian, and other foreign invaders. After independence, the constitution empowered the Congress with the right of training and organizing militias, however keeping in view the important role of militias in the independent America, the responsibility of appointing and training the militias was then reserved to the state. Members of the militia are American citizen soldiers which points out to the fact that these militias work part time for the National Guard of the United States of America and also employed by the civilian sector. After World War II, National Guard aviation units were transformed into the Air National Guard which became America’s newest reserve component. During the cold war, the National Guard protected the frontiers of freedom. During the Berlin crisis of 1961 militias were dispatched to reinforce NATO. Around 8,700 militias were deployed to Vietnam during the Vietnam War and more than 75,000 were deployed to bring a speedy end to the Desert Storm of 1991(The National Guardsman 1877). National Guard has a constitutional basis: Constitution of the U.S. authorizes the National Guard and distinguishes the militias from American troops. Illegal immigration and Homeland Security: An individual qualifies as an illegal immigrant if he or she fits in one of the three categories: I. The individual entered the U.S. territory without ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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