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History and Development of Community Based-Corrections - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “History and Development of Community Based-Corrections” will define community corrections and early alternative sanctions as well as its philosophy. Similarly, it will discuss the suggested theoretical approaches to reintegration and offender treatment…
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History and Development of Community Based-Corrections
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Extract of sample "History and Development of Community Based-Corrections"

Download file to see previous pages Community corrections are defined as non-incarcerating correctional sanctions imposed on offenders with the aim of reintegrating them into the society (Hanser, 2013). The above definition is important because it entails many aspects that are worth understanding and considering. It acknowledges that community corrections comprise programs without incarceration (Hanser, 2013). It provides alternatives to jail because of the existing social challenges. Therefore, it offers an alternative to the front end and back end of the correctional system under the judicial system such as rehabilitation and split sentencing.
Community correction did not just emerge without its source; certain factors inspired it. The historical developments can be traced through the sanctuary, benefits of the clergy, judicial reprieve, and recognizance (Hanser, 2013). These four sanctions used in European nations contributed to the development of community correction as they are applied today.
Sanctuary: sanctuaries were sacred religious grounds or cities where the accused ran and hid. They were situated away from the public, hence difficult for soldiers to reach looking for the accused. Similarly, soldiers were forbidden to enter in search of accused. The suspected criminals or accused confessed their crimes and were granted abjuration, and they were never allowed to return without the permission from the crown (Hanser, 2013). Therefore, it provided leniency to the accused.
The benefit of clergy: it was an exemption given to the clergy in Europe. It benefited members of various religious institutions such as clerics, nuns, monks among others accused of crimes (Hanser, 2013).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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