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Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Justice - Thesis Example

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"Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Justice" paper states that despite its criminalization, SSM remains a threat to the integrity and efficacy of community corrections. The nature of the problem of SSM makes the determination of its prevalence and severity difficult…
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Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Justice
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Extract of sample "Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Justice"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the manipulative and coercive nature of SSM exacerbated by the culture of silence, fear and shame predominating community corrections, the prevalence, extent, and severity of SSM in community corrections setting remain indeterminable Nonetheless, the devastating impact of SSM on the victim, on the institution, and on the community makes it serious enough to attract public outrage and policy change. However, the nature of the problem also shows that policy change should go beyond simply criminalizing SSM but also changing the culture of community corrections into a culture of self-respect and vigilance, transforming its repressive environment into a caring and just environment, and reorienting correction agencies, officers and staff to become responsible guardians of justice. Such is truly a difficult task yet an imperative.

Community corrections as defined “includes all non-incarcerating correctional sanctions imposed upon an offender for the purpose of reintegrating that offender within the community” (Hanser, 2010, p. 2). US policymakers determined that offenders humanely treated while in detention are more likely to reintegrate successfully into the community than those who suffer from any kind of abuse while in detention and that detention security officers and staff can profoundly impact on the successful community reintegration of offenders, consequently the safety of the community (Maccarone, 2007). Fundamentally so, community corrections officers and staff are bound by law, ethics, and morality to be socially responsible in the conduct of their given tasks (Freeman, 1999). But unfortunately, reports of staff sexual misconduct (henceforth, SSM) within community corrections have increasingly attracted public criticism and policy making because such incidents do not simply violate the very purpose of community corrections but more so negate the very essence of justice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Thesis.
(Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Thesis)
Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Thesis.
“Staff Sexual Misconduct in Community Corrections: A Negation of Thesis”.
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