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Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer - Book Report/Review Example

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The writer of the following review intends to conduct a contextual analysis of a story titled "Geese" written by ZZ Packer. The writer will examine the central theme of the story as well as the symbolism of the main characters and events from the narration…
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Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer
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Extract of sample "Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer"

Download file to see previous pages The writer of the “DRINKING COFFEE ELSEWHERE” has expressed the feelings of some black and white characters very sensitively, but added humorous elements to keep it light in his storybook. His focus is to raise the voice of ignored people in the society as depicted by the feelings of ugly/black people through Dina in the story “Geese.” In the Story of ‘Geese,’ the writer wants to depict the struggles of the people to achieve a notable and respected position in society. But in the end these people may not get what they strive to get.
Dina decided to leave the country and informed her of her family. Everybody at Dina’s home was surprised by her decision to leave for Japan. Dina made the excuse that she saw some opportunities there to make some money. However, in reality, she was not going just after the money. In fact, she was much attracted by the beautiful city itself and its traditions. She wanted to go there just for "the loveliness" (p. 211). Therefore, she managed to convince all her family to let her go to Japan. Dina had found a job in an amusement park. The job was of the operator of teacups- one of the swings at that park. She also met a person named Ari who was her coworker. They often exchanged duties. Ari was a nice person. The teacup's job lasted until the summer only. Before trying for another job Dina decided to take a vacation with the money, she had saved for her return flight. She visited temples, ate at expensive restaurants and even the colorful and lively city named Shinjuku. Dina found herself being complicated by many men whom she crossed often in subways. Dina had two options for herself for a job: teaching and modeling. Her visa had expired too, which made it more difficult to find a job. Ari took pity on the jobless Dina and took her home with him.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer Book Report/Review, n.d.)
Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer Book Report/Review.
(Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer Book Report/Review)
Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer Book Report/Review.
“Loss of Innocence in Geese by ZZ Packer Book Report/Review”.
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