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Anime Beer is Slow to Win Over the Ladies - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that the marketing plan focused on the best approach to ensure the success of the newly introduced ladies beer brand known as Animee Beer. This came about after the failure of the brand to command a significant market share within four months…
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Anime Beer is Slow to Win Over the Ladies
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Extract of sample "Anime Beer is Slow to Win Over the Ladies"

Download file to see previous pages The set marketing strategies will be critical in acquiring the significant market size of which, 17 percent comprised of female drinkers. This can be translated into £396m. For the first two years, the strategy will enable the brand to obtain at least 2 percent of this market share which is an estimated £4m. This will be achieved through an aggressive competition with already existing brands, as well as, focus on capturing the unserved beer market share. Basically, the success of the strategies will be realized through capturing of a sizeable market share and boosting the company’s image as the leader in the global beer market.
The audit focused on alcoholic drinks that are purchased with the specific goal of consuming it at home or out of the premise where it was bought. This implies that on trade establishments such as restaurants and public houses are not part of the audit scope. Another name for take-home trade is off trade- practices that impose direct competition with the so-called on trade business.
Looking the prevailing situation in the United Kingdom, the market has in the recent years registered an exuberant performance. This was based on the report by the Office for National Statistic (ONS) for the 2008 and 2009 performance. The 2011 year on year growth estimate was 5.4 percent which was a clear indication of strength to strong growth in the U.K beer industry, particularly, in a period of difficult economic situation. In fact, consumers had to restrict their rate of spending on nonbasic goods because the high rates of inflation forced up item cost on daily basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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