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Globalization of Fashion: When Fashion Kills - Dissertation Example

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The proposed work “Globalization of Fashion: When Fashion Kills” is focusing on the advancement of the clothing industry which eventually joined the rising brigade of Globalization in the 19th century. It also triggers to find the reasons behind the need for its commencement…
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Globalization of Fashion: When Fashion Kills
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Download file to see previous pages The first section attempts to discuss the early manifestation of the industrial revolution while the second one focuses on how the Globalization of the clothing industry happened and how it helped the economy of a nation to rise remarkably. The second last section projects the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Finally, the conclusion part is extremely vocal about an idealistic fashion industry in the future. It discusses methods to attain sustainability within the industry and to encourage ethical manufacturing of cloths.
To understand the Globalization of The Fashion Industry and its emergence; it is essential to examine the remarkable inventions in the history that led to the rise of such a vast dimensional network of business which literally governs our lifestyle today. As the Industrial revolution in 1700 began, it embarked a series of outstanding inventions of machines such as a flying shuttle, through which large pieces of looms could be obtained. Spinning frame in the year 1769 was an on-going textile machine which revolutionized the process of textile production by shifting the manufacturing process from small units to Industries and factories. A Strong power loom in the year 1785 started the production of textiles in large quantity, it was operated mechanically (Mary Bellis 1).
The first sewing machine in the year 1830 began an era of ready-made clothing. The term ‘Globalization’ in easy language refers to a process of bringing countries of the world together to exchange views, products, services, people, facilities and to acquire mutual benefits and growth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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