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How Urbanization Has Taken Place in Lima - Dissertation Example

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This paper “How Urbanization Has Taken Place in Lima” will seek to examine how urbanization has taken place in Lima and its city-region using the development of water or sanitation infrastructure and access to water. Social aspects and human activities are the number one contributors to urbanization…
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How Urbanization Has Taken Place in Lima
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Download file to see previous pages This shows that, things that people engage in such as cutting down of trees, poor farming practices, and failure to plant other trees contribute to the movement of people from remote areas to city centers. Charcoal burning, clearing bushes to make way for construction or planting, and other deforestation activities contribute to poor rainfall reception. Lack of adequate rainfall in rural areas leads to famine. This, in turn, leads to urbanization as people move to towns to look for jobs. Peru always becomes a victim of such ordeals whenever there is a climatic change. Weather forecasters and other scientists expect water shortage issues to fall even deeper in few years to come mainly because of mayor frequency and intensity of the Southern Oscillation or El Niño phenomenon (Home, 2004:55).
Regarding this case, it is believable that urbanization issues will continue to intensify in Lima and the adjacent cities such as Callao since they have better water resources. They also have better technologies that can convert wastewaters into useful water for irrigation and other industrial purposes (Choffnes and Mack, 2009:87). Research observations reveal that water shortage does not only hit the leveled areas of Peru but also in the mountainous areas. This trend extends to include the large conurbations mostly characterized by large demands for water resources. Study on the Metropolitan section of Lima in Peru highlights that the city is highly dependent on water (World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, Beighley, and Killgore, 2011:64). This is so because, as of today, Lima has roughly 8.5 million people. Uncertainty fills this city since it has a huge number of Asientamientous Humanos (large figure of informal settings particularly in the Peri-urban areas). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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