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How Urbanization Has Taken Place in La Paz/El Alto - Dissertation Example

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This paper “How Urbanization Has Taken Place in La Paz/El Alto” shall seek to explore the background, context, measures, factors that explain the failure of the concession and the relevance to citizenship participation. The author shall then draw lessons for the regulation of future concessions…
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How Urbanization Has Taken Place in La Paz/El Alto
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Download file to see previous pages InBolivia first gained global prominence during the Spanish colonial period as a dominant producer of raw materials and La Paz became the political and economic center of the country since 1899, however, it has served as a peripheral of the world.
The slopes of Andes restricted expansion of the city (See figure 1) and only few La Paz’s small wealthy minorities settled down in the limited flat land of La Paz. The spaces where a large group of indigenous and mestizo could live in were clearly demarcated. Mestizo and indigenous people were strongly constrained from voting, possessing the land and business entrepreneurs in Bolivia’s constitutions. This led them to build adobe houses in the periphery of city central like in many other third world cities, although in the case of La Paz, the growth of population was slow until 1952.
In 1952, Bolivia had encountered the revolution which aimed to end oligarchic control over the country. Land reform followed in 1953 (Urquidi 1976, cited in Urioste & Pacheco 1999, p 1) which freed the indigenous population from a tenant peasant of mass-plantation. These events allowed them to access to the country’s city center and led dramatic growth of the population of La Paz. Due to the limited space of La Paz, some area in El Alto has provided middle-class professionals with affordable housing with an easy commute to La Paz’s center (Arbona & Kohl 2004, p 258), however, El Alto has been growing up to now as a satellite city to absorb the city’s mainly poor immigrants.
A weak urban planning and absence of low-cost public settlement encouraged to increase the adobe settlements in La Paz-El Alto. Since vacant or cheap land in and around the city were only available on the steep and unstable hill, there become natural squatting or building grounds for thousands of poor families which are often built in irregular plots with sub-standard designs and materials (Felix Trigo 1958, qt. in Arbona & Kohl 2004, p 258). High-density environment and poorly built settlement aggressively proliferate the damage level in relation to natural hazards (Rivas, 2005) as well as difficult access to basic service such as water. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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