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The aim of this research paper “How Australia Helps Refugees” is to find sundry policies the Australian government has in place, to ensure the well-being of refugees. Today there are two - offshore and onshore - channels and 13,000 reservations of ensuring safe and efficient refugee arrivals…
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How Australia Helps Refugees
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How Australia Helps Refugees

Refugees are people who seek asylum in other countries because of war or other non-peace related issues in their home countries. Australia like any other stable country is not spared in hosting refugees. Currently, Australia has 13,000 reservations for refugees. The country has two channels of ensuring safe and efficient refugee arrivals include offshore and onshore. Since the completion of World War II, the country has hosted more than 700,000 refugees in humanitarian camps. The purpose of this research paper is to find various policies the Australian government has in place, to ensure the well-being of refugees.
The aim of the research is to establish an orthodox analysis of various policies employed by the Australian government to help refugees. Consequently, the paper intends to analyze various problems faced by the varied policies of the Australian government.
Refugee policies in Australia are sensitive with a wide range of resources; however, the paper will focus on limited and detailed resources only. To start with, the paper will make use of the available data in books, journals and articles concerning the state of refugees in Australia. Second, the research will also rely on interviews from the relevant departments dealing with refugees. This helps in availing various up to date reports on the current refugee status as well as challenges they experience presently (Markus & Semyonov 2010, pp 54).
Research question
The research question is the main stem guiding the whole research, and it revolves around policies, as well as initiatives Australian government has in place, to protect refugees who flee into the country. Consequently, the research proposal addresses some of the pros and cons of the diverse policies employed by the Australian government, to foster humanitarian commitment (Weiner 2002, pp 60).
Literature review
According to the DIAC’s official map dealing with the organization of detention centers, Australia uses two systems of welcoming refugees. Offshore clients involve eligible people who get guaranteed the chance to apply for protection status in the country. If approved, the Australian state further awards permanent protection to the individuals, which include provision of visa. If the individuals play within the laws of Australia, they get accorded full citizenship a factor, which transforms refugees into citizens of Australia (McMaster 2001, pp 90). The maritime system, on the other hand, is for refugees who apply for protection from the Australian government after stepping on their soil. It involves irregular maritime apprehensions in the last several years as shown in detention centers such as Sydney, Perth, Christmas Island and Melbourne not forgetting Darwin.
Australia refugee policy got stipulated on 24 may 1977 by Mr. Mackler who outlined various principles guiding the humanitarian act. For instance, under the principles, the country recognizes refugees as people who need help and support, but at the same time hold the decision to help them within the government. Furthermore, one of the principles stipulates that assistance gets provided to refugees once they are designated plans for resettlement. Consequently, the country contributes to the United Nation Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It is indispensable to remember that the proponent policy got formulated at a time when Australia was facing a surge of refugees from the war of Vietnam (McMaster 2001, pp 89).
Considering the sensitivity and the amount of information the project holds, a sensible time is needed to conduct research. The first week of the intensive two-week research involves gathering data from books and other publications. The second week involves carrying out interviews in the relevant departments. This is to ascertain data from books as well as acquire new information helpful in the research. It is also in the week that the research paper gets compiled for submission.
In conclusion, there are various policies, which help to address the refugee issue in Australia. This is due to misconceptions and myths surrounding refugees. It is in this regards that the government introduced various policies such as the get up action for Australia policy to help refugees. Consequently, the refugee council of Australia has done much in helping refugees.

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