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Different Kinds of Globalization - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper stresses that the process of globalization is itself an ideology. The construction of free trade agreements and the elimination of trade barriers occur within this paradigm. For example, some countries have extreme senses of nationalism which tend to carry with it a sense of isolation. …
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Different Kinds of Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages While some countries believe that interconnected economies will ensure the best use of the global allotment of resources, they at the same time hold that their political integrity must remain separate. Therefore the challenges to the 21st century will be maintaining a level of political sovereignty while globalizing trade. Additionally, 3rd world countries should be advantaged in these scenarios because globalization could play a hand in their exploitation.
Resistance to globalization is a conceptual means of preserving indigenous identities. Some individuals claim that globalization is causing cultural erosion and therefore they pose an ideological difference. In terms of market globalization, countries that wish to preserve their cultural identities construct barriers specific to product markets to preserve their local economies. Moreover, in terms of Justice globalization, some countries tend to preserve their own laws by not respecting the authority of international bodies such as the International Criminal Court. Finally, Jihadist have an ideological conflict against the west and therefore resist the market and justice globalization of their culture. This has created a platform whereby they are able to engage in international acts of violence in order to preserve their cultural identity in their homeland. In order to accommodate for the 21st century, it is going to require the use of cultural sensitivity. The integration of cultural identities will need to be done in a method that celebrates cultural diversity and judges actions on the merits of the unique legal codes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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