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Human Sexuality: The Journey from the Victorian Era to Today - Essay Example

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In the paper “Human Sexuality: The Journey from the Victorian Era to Today” the author analyzes D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The story is supposed to be influenced by Lawrence’s own unhappy domestic life with his domineering and aggressive wife…
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Human Sexuality: The Journey from the Victorian Era to Today
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Download file to see previous pages After marriage, she assumes Clifford’s title and becomes Lady Chatterley. After the honeymoon, her husband is sent to the war and returns paralyzed waist down, and impotent. He becomes a successful writer and many intellectuals flock to their mansion. She realizes she cannot live with the mind alone, she must be physically alive too. She becomes disenchanted with her weak, ineffectual husband and moves away from the cold world of intelligentsia and aristocracy into a world of sensuality and sexual fulfillment. A nurse is engaged to look after the handicapped Clifford. Connie has a brief unsatisfying affair with a visiting playwright, Michaelis.
Connie starts yearning for human contact and is overwhelmed by a deep sense of despair. The distance between the husband and wife grows and she develops a profound physical aversion to him. The void in her life sucks Mellors into it. Mellors is aloof and derisive. Yet, Connie is curiously attracted by his grace and innate natural sensuality. Mellors maintains a distance between them by reminding her of the class distance between them. However, by chance, they meet at a hut in the forest and the inevitable happens, they have sex. Although this happens several times, she remains profoundly separate from him, despite their physical closeness.
“One day, Connie and Mellors meet by coincidence in the woods, and they have sex on the forest floor. This time, they experience simultaneous orgasms. This is a revelatory and profoundly moving experience for Connie; she begins to adore Mellors, feeling that they have connected on some deep sensual level. She is proud to believe that she is pregnant with Mellors’ child: he is a real, ‘living’ man, as opposed to the emotionally-dead intellectuals and the dehumanized industrial workers. They grow progressively closer, connecting on a primordial physical level, a woman and man rather than as two minds or intellects.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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