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Medieval Torture Devices and Methods - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Medieval Torture Devices and Methods, declares that the medieval age is a product of such a cycle. Though highly prominent in Europe, Asian empires and civilizations also had their own medieval times. In Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought refuge to the country-side…
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Medieval Torture Devices and Methods
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Download file to see previous pages The medieval age is a product of such a cycle. Though highly prominent in Europe, Asian empires and civilizations also had their own medieval times. In Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought refuge to the country-side where huge landlords and nobles took them in and provided them shelter, all in exchange for their freedom. The medieval age, also known as the Dark Age, was the lowest point of European advancement in terms of knowledge, academics, and technology. It was in this stage in world history, tainted by dominance of the nobles and the medieval Christian churches, that unimaginable and inhuman torture devices were created and utilized by the ones in power.
One such device that is very much known to everyone is Flagellation, more commonly referred to as Whipping. Flagellation was a common practice during the medieval times to administer justice in the form of torture to the convicts. It was fast, effective, and painful. It originated and used extensively during the Roman Empire Period, however, it still has gained considerable popularity in punishers during the medieval times.
Jesus Christ himself suffered from Flagellation before he was crucified on the cross. It was said that Christ was pinned to a column or any fixed object, most probably for the purpose of immobilizing him. The type of flagellant would sometimes differ on the crime committed or on the administering people. Often times, whipping does not lead to death. Should the authorities wish to punish the convict more because of added crimes, other forms of lethal punishments are utilized.
Another example would be the Iron Maiden, sometimes called the Virgin of Nuremberg. This type of torture mechanism is made up of a thick casket of iron shaped like a sarcophagus with iron spikes protruding in the hollow insides of the device. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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