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Discuss the role of the Foot Posture Index in the clinical assessment of the foot. Is this a reliable measure - Essay Example

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However, because of the foot’s complexity, large deformations can also occur from its posture, and these deformations can place huge amounts of both strain and stress on an individuals’ foot,…
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Discuss the role of the Foot Posture Index in the clinical assessment of the foot. Is this a reliable measure
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Extract of sample "Discuss the role of the Foot Posture Index in the clinical assessment of the foot. Is this a reliable measure"

Download file to see previous pages ric dimensions to predict certain concepts about the foot, and this can be enhanced by using a three dimensional model and approach to the foot (Choie, 1991).
Advancements in technology and computers have allowed many to consider replacing the expert last marker with some type of computer design. Some individuals have created presentations of the foot in third-dimensional designs using Bezier curves (Lord, M., Foulston, J., & Smith, P. J., 1991). These types of models can help individuals in the grazing and sizing areas. Yavatkar (1993) created a model of a person’s foot using I-DEAS graphics and programming. He was able to create this third dimensional model of the foot by lofting four segments (forefoot to instep, instep to medial-lateral malleolus level, malleolus to lateral point of heel, and heel part) within the foot. One could determine the accuracy of this model by taking a look at the outside and indsie of the foot form. The volume outside was around 50 000 [mm.sup.3], whereas the amount within the foot was approximately 27 000 [mm.sup.3]. However, whether one can use this model to generalize is not efficiently known overall since he only used one foot for the model (DeBor, 1978). It is known, however, that aspects of computer-aided design have been used in order to make orthopedic shoe uppers as well as some custom footwear (Houle, Beaulie, and Liu, 1998).
In order to make the approach to foot measuring more efficient, B-spline surface modeling techniques, regression and recursive methods to make a basic third dimensional foot model using basic anthropometric measures can be used. B-splines can be studied in order to create an example for using within the sphere of computer-aided design software. (Choi, 1991). Within this concept. B-splines are generally considered as the best curve or surface representation. This is usually because they have a very helpful set of properties, which include continuity, local shape controllability, spatial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Role of the Foot Posture Index in the Clinical Assessment Essay.
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