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Is the Original Translation of the Kama Sutra an Adequate Interpretation - Research Paper Example

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This paper attempts to analyze the Kama Sutra by Sir Frances Burton, and investigate how it falls short in being able to transfer the sound and complete content of the actual Sanskrit text. In order to do this,  the author has consulted “The Kamasutra: It Isn’t All about Sex” by Wendy Doniger…
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Is the Original Translation of the Kama Sutra an Adequate Interpretation
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Extract of sample "Is the Original Translation of the Kama Sutra an Adequate Interpretation"

Download file to see previous pages The Kama Sutra is well known in most of the modern world by now as being the east’s gift to the west. It is a manual on sexual techniques originated from ancient India. It is not perhaps the first of its kind (We know that China and even within India has been producing handbooks for courtesans long before), however, it is indeed the first of its kind to receive so much widespread recognition.
The literal translation of “Kama Sutra” in English is "treatise on sexual pleasure." Its original creator can be traced back to roughly the fourth century BC named Vatsyayana Mallanaga. Not much is known about the author. What many critics do ascertain from the text and the writing style is that the creator must have been someone from the elite class. He talks of servants and gift giving which signifies that he must have had the means to experiment with such maneuvers before penning them down. These biographical anomalies only propose voids when experts attempt to interpret the work. However, the content and its cultural content needs to be explicated with equal integrity. The entire point is to allow American culture a raw visitation of what the Kama Sutra meant to the East, not simply how it can be superficially adopted to fit American pop culture references.
And this lack of biographical details remains a major hindrance when attempting to convert the cultural currents of the text into a new language, especially one which has a very different history as to that of Ancient Orient East regarding the subject such as English. Or especially if the subject needs to be transferred to a totally different culture. For America, where only English reigns supreme and has since its British settlers, the complete transfer of the teachings is vital if a true cultural penetration is to take place.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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