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How Foreclosures Hurt Everyone's Home Values - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper, How Foreclosures Hurt Everyone's Home Values, declares that a negative influence was also discovered on the value of foreclosures on the houses around them. This paper is amongst the first to accurately measure the value of the nearby property as a result of a foreclosure…
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How Foreclosures Hurt Everyones Home Values
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Extract of sample "How Foreclosures Hurt Everyone's Home Values"

Download file to see previous pages This book offers an in-depth analysis of foreclosures resulting from the failure of high-risk lending and the newer types of loans and their associated regulatory infrastructure. He offers a well-documented and engaging account of how the United States built and then, by taking apart protection and ignoring the results of unrestrained complications, destroyed one of the worlds most successful and autonomous housing systems. Therefore, along with changes in the mortgage market and failure of policy-makers to regulate the high-risk market, Immergluck emphasizes the effect of foreclosures on neighborhood conditions and property value. He proposes a negative impact not only on the price value of the neighborhood houses but also an influence on the overall community. The book offers principles and recommendations for the policy-makers that encourage reasonably priced and long-lasting homeownership for individuals and communities.
The authors examine the effect of foreclosures of single-family mortgages on intensity of vandalism in the neighborhoods. The study suggests that the increased rate of foreclosure has been mainly due to the amplification in the subprime mortgage loans that focuses on lending loans to borrowers with unsatisfactory credit. Most of these are the individuals are the ones who have their properties foreclosed, thus, negatively influencing the neighborhood. Thus, increased foreclosures intensify crime and vandalism in the neighborhoods.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Foreclosures Hurt Everyone'S Home Values Annotated Bibliography.
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