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New Urbanism: Social Aesthetic Planning of a Contradictory Movement - Research Paper Example

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The paper “New Urbanism: Social Aesthetic Planning of a Contradictory Movement” seeks to explore the trend of people living in a country to leave small cities, towns, and villages and massively collect in big urban centers. This trend is known to dominate the needs and wishes of people…
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New Urbanism: Social Aesthetic Planning of a Contradictory Movement
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Extract of sample "New Urbanism: Social Aesthetic Planning of a Contradictory Movement"

Download file to see previous pages Urbanization is a variant of the internal migration that was until recently from the provinces to the large cities since it was there that industrial plants were developed and there was a strong demand for labor. The culmination of the phenomenon of urbanization began after the First World War and has culminated particularly after the second, when in most countries of Europe, the economic development turned completely to industrial production, already flowering from the period of war, this production required cheap labor and the residence of workers close to production units.
Urbanisation, from the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the industrial revolution, until the second half of the 20th century, when traditional heavy industry was slowly disappearing from the western countries and new production forms where appearing, adapted to modern technologies and Asian production conditions, had good and bad consequences in the daily lives of the residences of large cities. Good consequences included the increase of industrial production and by extension the increase of public wealth, the wealth of the individual, the improvement of living conditions and their active involvement in the market economy. Furthermore, the gradual flexibility and improving educational standards of the second and future generations led to a change in previously conservative attitudes. While the development brought comfort to the populace and States benefited from the development, cities started spreading out. This trend increased decentralization from the main cities and led to the creation of separated suburbs and urban sprawl.
Urban planners and architects reacted to the situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Urbanism: Social Aesthetic Planning of a Contradictory Movement Research Paper.
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