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Social Factors that Relate to Divorce - Research Paper Example

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The goal of this study is to understand the impact of educational levels of the parents and children. As rural households have lesser access to high-quality education in comparison to urban areas, it is believed that such an analysis will help analyze the most precise motivations for family members …
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Social Factors that Relate to Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the studies conducted in the United States have shown a negative impact of increasing educational qualifications among partners and the rising risks of highly qualified couples to separate. On an individual note, a high qualification on the part of the female partner had proven to have a positive effect on the longevity of a marriage. Further, there is strong evidence to establish that differences in the educational levels of both partners tend to have no significant influence on the risk of a divorce (Berrington and Ian Diamond, 2008).
Although education is one of the important factors that influence a family and the tendency among partners to seek divorce as an option for ending an unhealthy marriage, there are several other important factors which are known to influence a marriage including social background, religion, as well as the family income. In terms of the social background, the metric often used is either the social class of the parents or their educational levels. Evidence suggests that middle-class families and well-educated parents are the most likely to seek divorce than other social classes. Moreover, there is considerable attention to suggest that entering school or university after marriage is also bound to have a significant impact on the family (Oppenheimer, 2007).
While the increase in a husband’s educational qualifications was found to raise the risk of marriage, there has been no significant effect on the part of wives (Kim Lloyd, 2008). However, there has not been many efforts into studying both parents’ education as well as spouses’ education as two combined variables. Further, there is much to be gained by studying various forms of education that exist within a family and their relative impact on a divorce.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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