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What is the Video Display Terminal Issue - Assignment Example

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The author of the assignment examines the video display terminal issue or VDT issue which revolves around the time employees spend in front of a computer screen. The VDT issues range in eye strain to headaches. The symptoms generally disappear after the worker quits looking at the VDT…
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What is the Video Display Terminal Issue
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Download file to see previous pages Many jobs today in the office field today are computer driven. A minimum of eight hours in front of a computer can damage or affect workers negatively. When a worker goes home uses cell phones, home computers, or PDA’s, the number of hours spent in front of a VDT will be in excess of eight hours a day. This amount of time in front of a VDT will not only affect workers negatively but decrease worker productivity as well.
VDT affects range from mild to severe. Most of VDT complaints are neck/shoulder pain, headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches, and other vision problems (Salibello and Nilsen 1995:679). All of these symptoms decrease worker productivity by making the worker ill.
Neck/shoulder pains make a worker rub their neck and shoulders more. Workers tend to focus on their pain center instead of productivity. This symptom can also produce restless nights making workers come in tired and sluggish.
Other health factors are not as obvious as the ones listed above. One health issue is dust particle attraction toward a VDT screen. Many people allergic to dust or other airborne allergens might suffer from red eyes, rash, or sinus problems. Cleaning the computer screen frequently can prevent allergens from affecting workers. There are discussions about radiation emitting from VDT. No tests have been conclusive about radiation from a VDT screen harming workers have been found. The concern is still present, however, especially in pregnant women. These health issues are not as common but can impact worker productivity as well.
VDT’s themselves can be harmful, but placed incorrectly a VDT can cause even more damage. When placing a VDT in an office lighting consideration is vital. Different workers need different types of lighting.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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