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Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse - Literature review Example

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"Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse" paper analyzes Public Perceptions of Child Abuse and Neglect in a Midwestern Urban Community paper by Price, Child-abuse policy arenas in Ontario and Michigan by Bridgeland, The effects of child abuse on preschool children’s play…
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Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Research ethics was maintained as the identity of the individuals participating was kept secret. As far as the validity of the study was concerned, the researchers attempted to use content validity in order to get an accurate response. The content validity focused on measuring off the ethnicities and gender percentages within the area and attempting to get a random sample of individuals via the phone. Their approach to random calling allowed for a significant random sample in the study. There were a few issues, however, with this type of approach. Those answering the phone sometimes were not always the desired individual, and not all of the desired people were surveyed. Different replacements did have to be used, and the attempt was still to keep the sample representative of the overall population. However, as always in a random sample, this can sometimes not be an overall, accurate reflection of the environment in general. However, the use of a random sample does guarantee a higher degree of fairness according to the population in the study.

As far as reliability is concerned, the researcher, by interviewing multiple individuals over the phone, is hoping to increase the reliability of the answers. However, because this was, indeed, a random sample of individuals, there is some issue with whether or not the population is accurately reflected in the study, as discussed above. There are also ethical concerns to look at when considering the honesty in the individuals’ responses. While individuals may act willing to participate, they may have no problems in dishonestly answering questions. Sometimes this is done unintentionally, as the tone of the surveyors’ voice has been known to occasionally influence answers. Furthermore, the person being surveyed may not answer honestly for fear of being judged by the individual giving the survey. Another concern is the fact that some individuals may have no problem in simply throwing off the research study for fun. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse Literature review, n.d.)
Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse Literature review.
(Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse Literature Review)
Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse Literature Review.
“Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse Literature Review”.
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