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The aim of the project “My Obstacles and Outcomes” was to teach children how to become closer to God through the Vacation Bible Study of 2008. This was a summer camp run for children at our church. The author was an English teacher, lead the children through arts and crafts, taught them Bible stories…
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My Obstacles and Outcomes
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My Obstacles and Outcomes The aim of the project was to teach children how to become closer to God through the Vacation Bible Study of 2008. This was a summer camp run for children at our church. I was an English teacher, lead the children through arts and crafts, lunch, taught them bible stories, and translated for them. My difficult moments were primarily preaching.
The specific obstacles were basically of language origin, presentation of topics, and strategies to be used in teaching. I belong to a Korean Baptist Church. It is composed of international students, children who were born here, and children who came to the United States of America at an early age. The pastor and my mother speak very little English and they took the mission of bible sermon. The problem was that we needed to know what to do with children who are not bilingual and cannot understand the Korean language.
I was an English teacher. My job was to lead the children through different activities and preach to them in English. This was a very frustrating experience since I had never preached before. There was also the problem of age differences. I had to handle children as young as 4-5 years of age as well as children who were in the 5th or 6th grade. I was used to smaller groups of children and these were larger.
The first day was a nightmare. Firstly, I was not used to delivering a 25 minute sermon. Secondly, I could not get their attention. Thirdly, the preaching level was not up to par to their level of understanding.
After brainstorming, matters improved. I came up with strategies. I created a PowerPoint presentation. I also searched for funny simple images that related to the bible story. For example, in telling the story of the blind man I found a picture of a blind person. I used a strategy of questioning with storyboards and I also found short video clips from YouTube that related to the bible stories. Every child had a chance to answer and as a reward I provided candy for answering the questions correctly.
The final outcome was superb. The children paid attention to the bible study, during arts and crafts, and during their eating periods. The aim of the project was to have them get to know Christ. I was able to do this by creating a visual effect to catch their attention, providing different questions to match all ages, and rewarding them.
In conclusion, the project was a challenge. The summer bible camp was an experience that increased my knowledge of teaching. These experiences made me think of new ideas. I am now a Sunday school teacher for 3rd and 4th graders at a new church. I am now able to handle international students more readily. I love teaching and getting to know children. I hope to encounter other tasks to overcome and gain knowledge from it, as a member of the Teach For America Corporation. Read More
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