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The Politics of Looking Relations in Films - Term Paper Example

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"The Politics of Looking Relations in Films" paper deals with three films that reflect the culture and social structure. These films have been related to the text, ‘Black Skins, White Masks’. These films are "Tales of Ugetsu" by Kenji Mizoguchi, Daughters of the Dust, and Saving Private Ryan.  …
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The Politics of Looking Relations in Films
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Extract of sample "The Politics of Looking Relations in Films"

Download file to see previous pages The book by Frantz Fanon title ‘Black Skin, White Masks’ deals with the social revolution that brews in the minds of the oppressed. (Markmann, 1967). In this regard, films are a medium and an art form rolled into one. They have the capacity to transport viewers and put across messages that can transform the lives of entire audiences. The power of cinema is one that has been hailed as the hardest hitting of art forms, even from the days of silent movies. The term or phrase, ‘Motion Pictures’ is literally the most accurate definition of the most powerful element of cinema. Moving pictures are the most powerful form of expression in art. This art form called cinema relies on the use of pictures that move in order to hold the interest of entire audiences. Yet, the sole activity of recreating moving pictures to depict scenarios and messages is not enough. To match the voice of one’s heart and sensibilities, moving pictures need to be rendered in various ways, and with the exact play of various elements.

These elements include lighting, sound, and above all aesthetics. While most believe that aesthetics mainly cater to the play of light and sound in the film, this is not entirely true. Aesthetics revolve around the play of dialogue that can be rendered in perfect light, shadow, setting as well as a background score where necessary. In order to help audiences as well as every individual in the audience to literally ‘get the picture’, there is a need to deviate from the ordinary in an endeavor to portray that ordinary aspect of people’s lives in a manner that can be dramatic, humorous and many other things depending on the vision of the filmmaker.

Vision is a keyword in the arena of film composition. The technicalities of film making aside, the vision of the filmmaker and the story that he or she wants to tell are the single most important factor in the portrayal of facts as well as fiction.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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