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Hospitality Industry and Environment Forces - Essay Example

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Similar to other sectors of the economy, political influence affects the hospitality industry. Government policies on taxation, for example, determine how much visiting tourists can shop. Policies on taxation…
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Hospitality Industry and Environment Forces
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Extract of sample "Hospitality Industry and Environment Forces"

Environment Forces’ Influence on the Hospitality Industry Environmental forces have a big impact on the hospitality industry. Similar to other sectors of the economy, political influence affects the hospitality industry. Government policies on taxation, for example, determine how much visiting tourists can shop. Policies on taxation also affect the supply of support services and goods to the hospitality industry. Political instability in a region or country also affects the hospitality industry. Tourists shy away from regions and countries prone to conflicts, for instance, hence affecting performance in the hospitality industry. In addition, diplomatic relations among governments have diverse effects on the hospitality industry. A government may choose, when it ascertains it is appropriate, to advise its citizens against visiting certain countries depending on how the prevailing diplomatic relations between the two nations.
Economic factors influence the hospitality industry. A booming economy leaves a people with spare cash to spend on holidays. A weak economy presents, however, little cash flow to governments and relevant agencies that may lack the resources to invest in the hospitality industry.
In addition, technology influences the hospitality industry. Tourists can enjoy their tours in many ways due to the advances in technology. Tourists can now film their adventurous trips and share their experiences with friends and family through social sites. Hotels can also provide booking services to their travelling clients online through their websites (Mok, Beverley and Jay 139). Surveillance and security provided in the hospitality industry have improved because of technology. There are fewer incidences of terrorist attacks targeting the hospitality industry because of technology applied in gathering and sharing intelligence by relevant agencies.
Socio-cultural factors influence the hospitality industry. The manner in which local people interact with tourists determines their satisfaction levels. In addition, hospitable societies receive the highest number of tourists. Societies with unique cultural practices also attract many tourists.
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