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Cyber Culture and the Virtual Worlds - Essay Example

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The author concludes that social networking sites give more evidence to the popularity of interactive programs and to the scope of the concept of a virtual world. We can comprehend that the cyberculture has a greater reach in the culture and the scope of the virtual world to expand is great…
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Cyber Culture and the Virtual Worlds
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Download file to see previous pages “The lessons of computers today have to do not with calculation and rules, but with simulation, navigation, and interaction. The very image of the computer as a giant calculator has become quaint and dated… Today they use the shelf products to manipulate the simulated desktops, draw with simulated paints and brushes, and fly in the simulated airplane cockpits.” (Turkle, 1995, p 238).
Most significantly, we need to identify the emergence of a cyberculture which widens the scope for this virtual world existence. Many often we identify the characteristics of popular culture in the cyberculture. “Like all forms of culture, cyber-culture is, in part, a product of the stories we tell about it. Indeed the tales we tell over coffee, read in Wired, Newsweek, and The New York Times, and watch in movies like The Net, The Matrix, and The Disclosure, inform the ways in which we engage in cyberculture.” (Silver, p.26). One of the most recognizable results of this culture is the creation of a cyberspace which provides an opportunity for you to be in a creative virtual world in which you can assume any avatar you like or cover up any inability or limitation you experience in the real life. In this essay, we discuss the characteristics of such virtual world existence and the life of avatars in two parts and identify some of the differences between the virtual world existence and the real world experience. Thus, “cyberculture is best comprehended as a series of negotiations that take place both online and off.” (Silver, p.30).
An avatar is “a Sanskrit word originally referring to the visible forms adopted by Hindu gods to represent themselves in this, our lesser, mortal world. Online cultures nicked the term to name the digital forms that represent us in virtual worlds… We fall in love there. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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