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Introduction to Social Science and Counselling - Assignment Example

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"Introduction to Social Science and Counselling" paper states that similarity between sociology and psychology is that they both study people and the interaction of institutions and culture. However, sociology is interested in groups of individuals and the interaction of these groups of individuals. …
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Introduction to Social Science and Counselling
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Extract of sample "Introduction to Social Science and Counselling"

Download file to see previous pages Qualitative research may be taken as a research strategy that employs a naturalistic and interpretative approach to the understanding of the meanings that people attribute to actions, decisions, beliefs, values and the like within their social world and the mental processes that are employed by the respondents to comprehend and interpret the world in which they live. (2). Qualitative research is characterized by the predominant stress on the inductive approach and the generation of theories; rejects the approaches of the natural scientific model and of positivism, which is replaced by stress on the manner in which the social world is interpreted by individuals and incorporates the perspective of social reality as a constantly changing emergent property that is created by individuals. (1).

There are three fundamental differences between quantitative and qualitative research. The first is in regards to the main orientation to the place of theory in relation to research, where quantitative research is deductive in nature towards the testing of theory, while qualitative research is inductive in nature towards the generation of theory. The second aspect is with regard to the epistemological orientation, where quantitative research incorporates the practices and norms of the natural science model and of positivism, while qualitative research rejects these norms and practices and tends to be interpretive in nature. The final difference lies in the ontological orientation, where the orientation of quantitative research is towards objectivism, while the orientation of qualitative research is to constructionism. An experimental research method gives quantitative data. An exploratory research method gives qualitative data. (1).

4.2. An exploratory research method is useful to gain insight into a setting, group or phenomenon that is new or has had minimal research. As a consequence, exploratory research tends to employ relatively small samples of subjects to enable close interaction for first-hand information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction to Social Science and Counselling Assignment.
(Introduction to Social Science and Counselling Assignment)
Introduction to Social Science and Counselling Assignment.
“Introduction to Social Science and Counselling Assignment”.
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