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Proposal: Visions in Conflict - Book Report/Review Example

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"Book Proposal: Visions in Conflict" paper states that experiences of persons from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds are essential to hearing the issues each nation feels important. The “Visions in Conflict” edited volume provides a means to encourage dialogue in light of pressing realities…
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Book Proposal: Visions in Conflict
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Extract of sample "Proposal: Visions in Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages Because there is no end to the justification for violence, we are participating in a movement for dialogue by bringing together counselors, psychologists and other experts from different traditions (American, African, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) to address conflict resolution.  

“Visions in Conflict” has a threefold purpose. The first of these is to express much of the good work being done in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding around the world. This is especially relevant in the areas of acknowledgment and understanding of the “other” (including interfaith dialogue); communication through conflict and forgiveness. Second, this compilation aims to open up the field in order to invite dialogue with other practitioners engaged in similar work. Finally, the book is presented as a means of illustrating practical, in vivo/in the field operations and processes that have worked so that others working in such areas may be more effective in the creation and building of peace and understanding within and between the diversity of peoples.

The “Visions in Conflict” edited volume represents a concrete strategy to encourage dialogue through educational venues like high schools, colleges, and universities, as well as book clubs and book fairs. The intended audience for this book spans a variety of disciplines and occupational interests. A generally educated audience interested in exploring ways to contribute to reducing tensions between groups in a multicultural, multi-religious, multinational world is the audience for whom the book will be written. Fundamentally, though, it is addressed toward all those religious and community leaders who would bravely venture forth into building harmony between the faiths. It is for those who would engage creative conflict resolution proactively between all groups that live in geographic proximities which necessitate a meeting of the minds and a mutual honoring of a disparity of values and lifestyles – all individuals respecting the law and the spirit of democracy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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