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Democracy and Development - Essay Example

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Democracy has four primary elements and most countries across the world experience difficulties to balance a genuine democratic governance and facilitate development. This paper evaluates the connection between development and democracy. Development has many dimensions such as economic, political, and social…
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Democracy and Development
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Extract of sample "Democracy and Development"

Download file to see previous pages This paper approves that U.S emerged as the winner of the war that was killing so many people and causing global disruptions. While Germany and Russia were causing havoc to other nations, the U.S went against its isolation policy to involve in the war. The incident marked a fundamental political development of the U.S at a time when it needed it most. Second, the decision enhanced the U.S economic development both locally and overseas. It could influence world affairs and partner with many countries for economic development. At times, leaders need to exercise non-democratic decisions to achieve development either economically or politically.
This report makes a conclusion that democracy is a significant political tool that determine nature of governance. Critically, justice advocates for the participation of subjects in matters of political rule and decisions. Most democratic nations indicate a high level of development, but still evidence shows that strict adherence to democratic principles is not suitable for development. Some of the challenges that democratic societies face are the dominance of majority because even minority deserve fair representation. Without democratic leadership, societies witness tyranny of the majority. Some of the non-democratic nations that exhibited good developments include Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, and Libya. Democracy is necessary for development but only through a critical framework that manages conflicting interest of society members. Otherwise, focused autocratic governments can promote developments better than traditional ones due to the speed of decision-making process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Judicial Activism and Democracy Recently, judicial activism has developed intriguing debates in the political arena. This concept allows the Supreme Court judges and other lower judges to go beyond their traditional role of interpreting the constitution and other rules in the United State and therefore make their personal ruling whenever the elected arms of the federal government fail to meet these needs. Judicial activism can be liberal or conservative. Judicial activism has created controversy in the political and judicial realm leading to the formulation of the imperative sentiments. The analysis of law by the Supreme Court can be understood as destructive or proactive depending on an individual’s beliefs and opinion. However...
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... February 14, Democracy’s Relation to Development (Economically) Introduction Democracy is directly related to economic development. The paper focuses on the nations’ economic development. In relation to economic development, the paper delves with the establishment of a democratic government. The major problem deals with whether economic development triggers prioritizing setting up a democratic community. The free market economy can better flourish in a democratic society. Readings First Reading (Laothiamatas) (2)Article’s main arguments Adek Laothamatas espoused economic development influenced the establishment, retention, or removal of a democratic government (Laothiamatas, 1997). In fact, Laothamatas emphasized...
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Any country first needs to go through economic liberalization and political liberalization before finally settling into a stable democratic situation. Democracy should not at any one point be viewed as if it were socialism, but should be seen as a means of promoting economic development through accountability and protection of individual lawful rights and interests...accountability in the sense that the respective leaders are able to fight corruption, enhance social harmony, strengthen public trust and more importantly empower government institutions that are directly in touch with the people (Liu, 2008, p.1-2). Owing to the Chinese well informed and affluent society on top of having a very dynamic economy, the political change wh...
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