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Policy Lightening - Essay Example

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We have so many questions with regard to the way government is working to fulfill our needs. Several studies indicate that some government programs are worthless, bringing no hope to the public…
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Policy Lightening
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Extract of sample "Policy Lightening"

Policy Lightening Introduction Policy has brought changes to the whole world. We have so many questions with regard to the way government is working to fulfill our needs. Several studies indicate that some government programs are worthless, bringing no hope to the public. The population loses hope because such programs do not meet the population needs. The second problem is that, why is it that when the public sees the government’s puzzles, they do not fix them? The public also should assist the government to avoid recurrence of the same. We always like complaining about the failures in the government yet as a public we cannot help. The public should work together with the government to avoid recurrence (Kettl, 2014, p. 1).
Policy Lightening
“Policy Lightening” was used to refer to anything that takes place when policies are blowing off by the lightening on striking occasion. There are inescapable conclusions, and they are two, this includes; a policy lightening that take place in excessive frequencies that is it keep on recurring. Another inescapable conclusion is that some changes are befalling and it make the situation worst, it causes many destructions if became more frequent (Kettl, 2014, p. 5).
Many things have been happening in the government. The government has lost trust with the public. The government has repeatedly made so many mistakes; this includes; the misuse of public resources without clear explanation, like Bruno Iksil, who went to unknown with the finances, President and Chairman could not go through this failure. Ilksil lost a lot of money, which was more than 5 billion dollars. Another one was Hurricane Katrina, which happened in 2005, the government failed to overcome the disaster though there was a forecast, and they did not prepare and mitigate the storm. Another failure that has recurred is when the private company failure of taking their responsibilities for the disaster that is when British Petroleum oil spillage and explosion in deep water. The spillage was devastating that it needed government to intervene in it. Finally, there was a terrorist bombing that took place in 1993; the government also failed to prepare for it even after failing in the Hurricane Katrina. The big problem with the government is that the failures keep on recurring, and there is no action that has been done by the government (Kettl, 2014, p. 7).
Bureaucracies has been made in such a way that it can deal with known known since it is known; they repeatedly do things well and predictably, they identify the mission, break down into parts and develop expertise. Dealing with the unknowns is very complicated because they are not known therefore it is not anticipated. It is very important to take precautions with the unknown, for example the oil spillage and the crisis with Euro. In conclusion, the government should put the public welfare to be their first priority. The government has failed to fulfill their promises and they cannot learn from the painful experiences (Kettl, 2014, p. 5).
Kettle, Donald F. (2014). System Under Stress: The Challenge to 21st Century Governance. Washington, D.C.: Sage Publications.. Read More
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Policy Lightening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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