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Perspectives on Friendship - Essay Example

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This discussion, Perspectives on Friendship, stresses that there are many different kinds of friends, friends play many different functions in individuals’ lives; generally, friendships are very important because they make life enjoyable and worthwhile for everyone all the time. …
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Perspectives on Friendship
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Extract of sample "Perspectives on Friendship"

Download file to see previous pages From this report it is clear that Mohammed and the author were playing in the yard when thay were suddenly attacked by a group of three boys who were members of a gang in school. They took our football and even threatened to beat them if they did not cooperate with them; the author remember how Mohammed was scared when the author confronted the three boys to leave them alone. The boys were very incensed that the author had even dared to argue with them and vowed to make life very difficult for both of them but that did not scare me even an inch. the author was firm in my resolve to fight back and resist any challenge they would put us to, thus, the author did not move even an inch when one of the older boys advanced and looked him straight in the eye with his blood-shot piercing eyes. 
This essay stresses that Mohammed and the author have also found ourselves in trouble many times, especially with law enforcement officers for petty offenses like going to parties as minors with fake IDs and driving without licences. On many occasions, their parents have been informed of our offenses and they have subsequently been grounded for days; on his eighteenth birthday, for instance, Mohammed and the author were cruising in his father’s car when traffic officers caught up with him for over-speeding. Fortunately for them, his father was not very angry with him for taking his car and nearly crushing it by over-speeding but he gave them a comprehensive lecture on careful driving. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Perspectives on Friendship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Perspectives on Friendship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Perspectives on Friendship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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It was not a pleasant experience because we were strangers to one another. Even though my uncle was not happy about our lack of knowledge of each other, he introduced us as first cousins after which we became friends. I was also able to meet other cousins during my stay in the city but my friendship with this particular cousin has grown beyond any other personal relationship that I have had and I, in this paper, look at friendship and the extent to which Akst’s writing applies to friendship and possible deviations. Basis of friendships Akst, in his article, noted Aristotle’s explanation of three forms of friendship: “those based on usefulness (contacts), on pleasure (drinking buddies), and on a shared pursuit of virtue – the high...
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...Are Friends Necessary Everyone would agree that no human beings on the universe can live without friends. Everyone loves to build and maintain friendships whether it is in the society, school or work place. It is quite natural that people who have the same mentality and who cherish common ideologies tend to come together as friends. Even among animals one can come across gangs who like their intimacy and presence each other. Among human beings, it is possible that even people who share different ideologies and outlooks can become intimate friends provided that they can respect the others' differences and understand them on a higher level. Truly speaking there are no specific criteria for friendship; anyone can be friends as long...
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Abandoned Friendship

...Abandoned Friendship I once had a friend upon whom I had complete trust. I believed that he was sincere and loyal to me until that dreaded day when everything came to an end. I remember not so fondly the day when he called me up and asked what I was doing? I confessed that I was busy with my usual chores. He asked me to go with him to a local mall. I told him I would be free by evening so he could pick me up at that time. He came in the evening and we went to the city’s most prestigious mall. On our way, he told me that how difficult the times were in his life and what sufferings he was going through. I told him to be strong and remain contented with what little you have. In essence I gave him the shoulder to sob upon. Then he told me...
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...Friendship is one of the most cherished human relationships that are distinct in its subtle shades of trust, confidentiality and love and strengthensover time. Friendship between two individuals is very personal affair because they share their thoughts, feelings and all sort of information. Friendship is cherished because friends can blindly rely on each other in time of difficult situation, especially when they need emotion support. True friends are known be the most voracious critics of their friends as they look for the wider welfare of their friends and do not hesitate in telling the truth, howsoever bitter that might be! The common adage that ‘friends in need are friends indeed’ truly applies to those who understand the meaning...
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Friendship Relationships

It is essential that trusted individuals be part of a person’s company in order to enable him to survive this world.
God himself promoted the companionship of individuals by befriending the lonely Adam with Eve (Fairchild). Before her arrival, Adam was the only man that existed in the world. It was their friendship that led to the prosperity of the human race as a whole in the times to come.
Friendships could come at stake due to a number of factors. Glick & Rose have mentioned in their work that “youths with peer relationship problems are at risk for maladjustment. Likewise, social skills deficits could contribute to problems in friendships” (Glick & Rose, p.1117). The statement mentioned abo...
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...Friendship Outline Definitions and synonyms 2. Basis of friendships 3. Duration 4. Possible genetic basis 5. Partiality 6. Virtual friends 7. Value of friendship Friendship Looking up definitions of ‘Friendship’ simply brings up such phrases as ‘the condition of being friends’ as described by the American Heritage Dictionary’ (2000). Synonyms would include such words as alliance; relationship; bond; rapport, companionship and so on. Most people would agree that true friends are there for you in both good times and bad, in sickness and health, which of course makes one think of the marriage vows when people make a public commitment to be a good life companion. Most friends do not make such definite one off vows of commitments...
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Explaining Friendship

...Explaining Friendship Psychology Explaining Friendship Friendship is a vital reaction within our community and beyond. True friendships are essential for one’s well being and serve as a support system in life. A study by Rath showed that the majority of people are aware of friendship, especially during times of need and difficulties (Collingwood, n.d). They can also act as a motivational factor in one’s success, as most people confide in their friends for encouragement. Friendship helps sustain marriage, as most married people state that friendship is at least five times more important than intimacy (Collingwood, n.d). Friendship also has a ‘toilet function’, as it enables one to unload his burdens and share them with his/her friend...
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... identity change that impacted a friendship David and I have been studying together since the high school. Our initial interaction, which was brief yet unfriendly, started at a basketball match. This encounter however yielded unexpected results, and very soon we were close friends. In my opinion, our initial interaction was way beyond our real selves and was largely based on our feelings of anger. But as soon as we met again with our real identities, a friendship bond was established. The relationships between people are only stable if they are based on their real identities. The evidence to support this notion is that fact that only like minded people are able to stay together for a long interval. Relationships that last for short...
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This seems to be contradictory to authors who seem to have the idea that friends who are equal tend to bond more closely than those that are unequal. From a critical examination, friendship should be complementary as the parties people are unique beings with different capacities and potentials.
The author seems to hold the idea that friendship is crucial in eliminating loneliness among individuals who are isolated from their families. Those who have little contact with their relatives and families benefit by entering into strong friendships with those who they associate with every day. In chapter one, Steinbeck states, "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They dont belon...
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...Virtuous Friendship is not mandatory for unity If virtuous friendship, the most complete and highest form of love, is mandatory for unity among human beings, who are political by nature, then unity is unachievable in society. Pure love is selfless in that in it is not offered in return for something else, unlike trade relationships between merchants who exchange wares for wares or for cash; therefore, this sort of love can only exist where there is virtuous friendship. Aristotle conceptualizes virtuous friendship as the purest form of love since in this sort of friendship, one values loving another and does not expect anything in return (Crisp, 2000). This implies that in virtuous friendships, one must simply appreciate loving others...
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